Kit Harington Gets Emotional on 'Game of Thrones' Set

Actor Kit Harington talks about playing Jon Snow on the hit HBO series.
3:58 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Kit Harington Gets Emotional on 'Game of Thrones' Set
Flu season three. You and rose Leslie who plays -- -- aren't aren't having a lot of scenes together but here we don't. -- -- We don't know what's going to happen because -- basically betrayed her left knee and she's trying to kill you. You know. And stops and hesitates to do that so how do you and rose Leslie is friends who had. -- working on this together prepare for this to you sit down and go over how are you going to play. What the final -- and that finals and we didn't we memorize -- -- go and I scenes and and worked out. How we want -- flat we want so judge what it's about what's going on with them and we got -- we -- we can to about it so. We just. We just a moment to -- because it is. It's a very reason it was it been important scene for us and emotional scene that should be. Been spending Tommy Jones Bob -- really shine we wanted to we left them to do so what happens when it was over. That was solo senior whole thing says she kind of started -- and balance between. -- -- on the battle executives police big you know these big. But he kind of northern Irish as talks. To -- than they were all crying yes there was emotional -- and we to binging -- sheets of 23 solid weeks for the -- -- and -- -- show house scene that's. Lord of the Rings and -- -- ethnic yeah that's. I -- a person you know -- -- authority reason I was really happy with -- new rules so proud of it in. It was a -- to kind of really. Shut everything at war for a good substantial period of time -- -- came across -- -- well but John Snow doesn't cross. During this not a moment he -- -- would have bet you. Did you have that moment -- a bit. Yeah I like it's every route three reeks of nine she's so it was a bit. You would cried anyway yeah it's always really -- -- on the edge shows like. In and and -- that such a lovely time working we've. We've mall style on the plays -- and teachers -- you -- Marie's place eager. Each time one of them when it was. And as emotional you know nothing counts now I had to set here presented by 4 AM basis I would have -- again now. It's weird says well it's kind of the great line but as a final line where some words like you know nothing John -- becomes determined here. Avalon actually. That's kind of unique. And this could -- if we need to live is moved through the series -- -- become the -- line as the importance and now breaking for him when he is not. A what is known -- I was human so your friends and family don't come up to you and say you know nothing -- and now let's get I get it from funds a mystery if -- -- not from my mom -- -- It's so great to be talking to you at the end of the season because I can actually discussed what it -- was at the beginning it on I'm sorry. Yeah it's -- Next next series in that -- the departure from the usual. And it's not a big one census figures as big as nine deafening sound and so -- -- that's it we're teased but still teases me. Just as important story unwise and -- packed winds. Is usually we -- -- -- of the picnic in nine. This doesn't -- -- them -- she did it just schedule now. Four of -- and up to him.

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{"id":24113304,"title":"Kit Harington Gets Emotional on 'Game of Thrones' Set","duration":"3:58","description":"Actor Kit Harington talks about playing Jon Snow on the hit HBO series. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/kit-harington-emotional-game-thrones-set-24113304","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}