Kobe Bryant: Behind the Divorce

Vanessa Bryant calls it quits with no prenuptial agreement.
0:46 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Kobe Bryant: Behind the Divorce
-- bit the marriage yet it to head into this -- it's not pretty enough so there's no. In ten has been fantastic thing she -- last time he cheated not she's gonna -- Campbell he's. To be between 150. And 300 million dollars. That pre nup elections in the half of them I cry when rich people lose money right and -- -- thought well. What will it what was the but what will spot with an up and up or poor treats it is what everybody's -- and she court in a this time through text messages -- -- -- ten years have been in this relationship everybody was surprised. Continues. She finally -- enough enough and there she goes to the bank. The black rob deer from up -- -- -- so much and happy holiday hours.

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{"id":15190427,"title":"Kobe Bryant: Behind the Divorce","duration":"0:46","description":"Vanessa Bryant calls it quits with no prenuptial agreement.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kobe-bryant-and-vanessa-bryant-divorce-15190427","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}