Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant

Reality star and boyfriend Scott Disick are expecting their second child.
1:25 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant
Time to get -- caught up -- all the latest celebrity headlines including the latest Hollywood may be alert. Jennifer Perez from us weekly magazine here violence pervades the thanks for being -- So your cover story Courtney -- ASEAN is pregnant. Very -- thinking and this you know light heartening news that -- At a very hard time the Kardashians in the immediate cash and what -- must be very happy to have the spotlight shifts to some happier -- and I think now can just isn't the only focus of this -- -- -- in the -- -- -- Finale against the -- -- -- Now McCartney's pregnant since -- -- looking it up better for the about Kourtney and Scott they've certainly been on again off again they really ready to continue to add to the family you know as we are seeing now in their new season -- can inquiry ETE or. It is sleeping in separate Tibetan and pounding -- after five years you know one beautiful -- needs and -- you know. It had ups and downs but things are definitely looking. You know on the outside -- is -- ready to be they'd rather you know Courtney told us he doesn't understand yet you know what's going time -- -- much it's more bomb company understand what's going on -- but. But -- -- -- it now letting out without -- there -- no rationale of course -- getting pressure from outside sources do it but there. Happy -- the way things are well we're happy for them.

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{"id":15057258,"title":"Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant","duration":"1:25","description":"Reality star and boyfriend Scott Disick are expecting their second child.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kourtney-kardashian-pregnant-15057258","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}