'Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian'

The head and heart of the Kardashian empire promotes new book.
8:43 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for 'Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian'
She is the head and the heart of the cards asking an empire. My manager Chris Jenner does at all from making deals to managing a household -- raising a family. And now her life is an open book literally Jenner has penned a memoir called Chris Jenner and all things -- -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well disappointing Fisher. You know wasn't necessarily a big surprise you know the day outside. Just concerned about him and wanting her to be okay important what advice have you given. Well I said Stuart you know you're not the first person in the world to go through -- separation or divorce and you won't be the last no matter what the link it's still. You know devastating to have in you know your your dreams and what you want in your life you know not to be happening so. My advice to her is to be true to yourself. Now filing your heart. And and hopefully you know she's going to be just fine and promote a mother's perspective what is your. Perspective on what went wrong in their marriage. I you know what I can't really. Judge her right now just -- I hope -- everybody else we'll follow suit I can't. Begin to speculate. About somebody else's life you know I just worry about my family and my -- and so when she comes home from Australia where she is traveling. Then. You know I'm sure we'll -- you know talk of course and find out what's going on that for right now the only thing I care about is that she's OK and you know it's just my job right now to support her decision no matter what that is through thick and then. So are. And if she seemed that you know understandably upset that there were certain number of people that perhaps that this was -- -- could -- have just -- A showdown. I mean what would you say to people who. Critics who say that. Well I think -- I'm not sure if their critics -- you know haters on the Internet and this and that people who just happened to write things on the front pages of newspapers and people believe that it's the truth. And that's a shame and you know we have. A lot of love in a lot of support an outpouring of really good you know. Wishes for cam from our viewers in our fans who truly are. You know there you know to support us and we really appreciate that but for everybody else you can't tackle every. -- -- Person who writes alive -- -- country it's very difficult to be that Internet police. Or that you know the police of newspapers who just can't seem to get it right. And it's disappointing. You know why would you go to them to there's enough going on in my family where we don't need to start making stuff. -- trust -- and there's a lot going on in your bucket it you certainly don't hold anything back what. Made you decide that now -- the time to write a book. Well I think for the last five or six years they've gotten have gotten thousands and thousands of letters for viewers and fans and people that I do in their views with like you who are curious to know about what's your story where you come from. You know kind of what your background it is -- and it's just a natural curiosity. So I decided that it was time to write I was gonna write a memoir -- I thought wow you know for me to be able to say that I'm gonna write a book -- A big deal to me so I wanted to do one -- -- right the first time there's no do overs. So I just told my story. I have a writer that I worked with mark CLU him and I collaborated on the -- he's an amazing writer so he kind of put my. You know life into. You know what made sense and now we sat for many hours talking about you know -- to -- and it is the I don't -- any. Now any and it and that what a fabulous life it is and we learn -- about. Your first marriage and her -- fabulous. Friends and how he -- OJ Simpson Bowles Simpson and that's something that regret that you have from that day. Of the murders he -- -- I was supposed to have. Clinton called that day you know -- any time you know to discuss lots of things that she specifically wanted to talk to me. About you know things ever going on in her life and you know anybody that was close to -- and by the way is the most amazing girlfriend. Now the best mother who left her children more than anything else in the -- a great wife great sister and a great daughter. And she was such a good person and she was somebody that we all -- very -- so anytime you. I mean I've never been through anything like that before obviously and going through that you just start thinking wow all of -- -- was just something we could've done. I think which is just snatched from. And and -- spontaneous you didn't she she -- yes she did she wanted to see me so we may I couldn't content to over to her home. So we made it for lunch. The next day and -- -- several days before she wanted to see me we made excellence that particular Wednesday. And then of course your ex husband defended OJ Simpson did any of that. -- -- tension between you know we'll see that's what everyone has asked and that's why included in the book because everyone is so fascinated by the fact that we can be involved. That closely to a family -- was going through murder trial -- -- -- totally separate sites. Defense and I think the dynamic between Robert -- -- The one thing I learned from that is that you can really have total opposite views on a very. You know important matter and still come -- at the end of the game be best friends and what we did in the journey we took to get. So beloved was already there absolutely. We all love each other -- now all of us. So it was it was tough and it just I don't talk intimately about my my perspective my point of view. On that entire time because I'm constantly asked about Wednesday. Walton and tells the woman about being a monitor you trademarks about turn -- -- if yes how do you do at all I mean it is anywhere a lot of hat. I -- where a lot of hats and sleep alive but. That seriously I think I'm just well organized. And I I have I love. What I do you know I'm really passionate about my kids as you've probably noticed that and love. I -- -- work for a different come. Any every day -- -- so many wonderful things going on we have so many blessings in our life and I feel completely grateful. That we have a television show -- -- and we get to work with our family every day we get excited about all of that and his on this we stay excited. And we have great. Creative energy you know that we need to keep going -- you know it's it's like this. Really good when you consider yourself a mom first the -- second month absolutely 100% first and a grandmother added -- -- exciting and speaking of moms and grandmothers -- recently signed -- New -- the moms and the city I had so much fun and yeah yeah isn't to connect with other moms -- -- you know what I think. Moms aren't like them. In the heart. All of us you know we off -- one we all have one. And I think moms today works so hard I know of that first and I talk about this in my book I started out as a housewife. You know when I married Robert Kardashian and I was the soccer coach in the room mother and the brownie leader and I did all -- that. And there wasn't I didn't have this amazing support system I just kind of you know -- -- pulled out my ailing energy and got my girlfriends involved and we all had a really good time but. I think to have these. You know amazing groups like. Moms in the CD and you know all the great things they're doing in the support that they have for one another. Moms with one or two kids who really can't figure it out you know I don't have a lot of friends -- What a great group they have a great resources now and -- talent to go without asking you about your son Robert. And how yes must have been to see him -- on dancing with the solve my goodness he is the light of mine Monday and Tuesday nights per share gives me six joint Israeli. You know think. As well up anyway do you know this amazing young man he's learned responsibility in -- -- and and Jackson's. People skills he's he's been after calling an outspoken it. -- knew we could put two steps I now need really didn't mean he's a -- and -- and I hope that every video continue to vote for him because he's just doing a great job fair they will Christiane thank you so much for talking to I think --

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"The head and heart of the Kardashian empire promotes new book. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14875977","title":"'Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian'","url":"/Entertainment/video/kris-jenner-things-kardashian-head-heart-empire-promotes-new-book-interview-2011-entertainment-14875977"}