Kristen Johnston 'Rocks' Comedy

Actress shows her comedic side on TV and in real life.
3:13 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Kristen Johnston 'Rocks' Comedy
Today we're not that usually you're incredibly focused. You can go after anything you want and you get it you know I don't know about you third rock he out of work for that role he acted. I -- to sleep with a lot of people. And I yeah I did I did eat auditions -- that stupid thing. But it was so worth it and I knew the minute I write this was at a time in I don't know with -- way back at the turn of the century. When they actually made it -- I don't know if you remember -- Minutes before. You know the bachelor ruined everything for the actors. Anyway and so there -- always these hundreds and hundreds of sitcom they were making. And I went in for everything I mean literally it was like you know when -- -- you -- you can literally be like what's up everybody -- -- Anyway so that they got the script there -- and at the time. The first half of the scripture first ten or fifteen pages were in Spanish with uptight yet. -- we -- and we realized and you know I'll. Why. And Dominic thing and then I fell in love with his character and I remember and never feel like it's not like you know. I get that role kind of girl. And I really felt that was Sally I just like no one else can do this I would go in and I every time I would even at night in. At fifth and -- -- like our own -- -- love you but there's checking Kirstie -- nailed. It until that -- -- went back in again and I was in that in new York at the time so I was flying. Each time went from now walk down the street so at the end of the day. Finally finally finally John let's -- I'm -- don't we -- a star. And -- -- my whole life. And that role was very -- it was just quintessentially unit like it really did did. But now we've moved on -- -- With the past the little people yeah you're on TV land an act quite a funny little baby people with a -- gave -- Got a funny. Thing going on -- -- -- hot in Cleveland happily divorced wife -- actually important. If -- -- and just because they actually believe in. -- -- They really do and they support it -- one of the characters that the actors I've never ever. Ever worked -- -- workplace environment -- where the network executives you know I'm -- network executives like. You like and -- And saying welcome to my world yeah exactly right well you're just not funny but. But -- and re seeing a lot you know -- its and it's -- -- joyful -- it's really and they just. Of the sitcom. They let you guys together I can tell it's about -- particularly well. Become more and more focused on because I think he realized you know separate story lines -- line. But that the ensemble -- were all together.

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{"id":15981018,"title":"Kristen Johnston 'Rocks' Comedy","duration":"3:13","description":"Actress shows her comedic side on TV and in real life.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kristen-johnston-interview-2012-rocks-comedy-tv-real-life-comedic-side-entertainment-15981018","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}