Kristen Johnston: The Price of Fame

Kristen Johnston talks addiction and life in Hollywood.
3:55 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Kristen Johnston: The Price of Fame
There is one positive thing to get from what happened to Whitney which is horrible and waste of a brilliant. Talent but the great news it is bringing up a lot. Conversation. I think is really important. But. I just think that we saw that -- coming obviously and I feel terrible and I don't understand. Why some people figure -- out. And some bell and I wishing -- the -- While this particular. I don't know. Oh my god it's all -- it's a bit it's like why did I kind of get it a little bit and it took me a long time but I mean. And then why did this person not there you know it's just so. And they want to blame -- on an enabler and an elderly want to -- yet. We can't handle the fact that look she was just fanatics. That she was in that. And she was an -- he was an out an area are you know I mean I say the block I think everybody's. Everybody's addicted to something exactly you have to be addicted to drugs and booze on picking your equation -- -- know what you. Porn gossip sports. You know your children's successes. You know anything it goes on and on and on and then there's the Whitney's in the what and the Michaels and and the -- and you think. It's just so sad it's his soul selves that I remember though it has gotten better in the public eye in terms I remember when. Matthew Perry was struggling. It was right around the time of Robert Downey -- napping on children's bad that long ago anyway and he was that they were all they were the punchline. For you know let -- and I just thought. At the time I thought like never ever ever -- and -- now. Well I think -- at at an adult a famous movie star an award winning singer. Can't cure this. How sick kids at sixteen year eight challenges that any of the tools and a pedicure themselves -- here's the deal. Kids if they go to recovery if they get lucky enough to go to rehab and they go back to a regular white squall. -- you know just -- general high school their chances of relapse or 90%. 80%. In the first -- days. But if -- kid goes to -- over high -- 70%. Of them graduate drug and alcohol for. Those are real. Stats.

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{"id":15981087,"title":"Kristen Johnston: The Price of Fame ","duration":"3:55","description":"Kristen Johnston talks addiction and life in Hollywood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kristen-johnston-interview-price-fame-addiction-life-hollywood-entertainment-15981087","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}