Kylie Jenner names her daughter Stormi

The reality star gave birth to her first child on Feb. 1.
0:52 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Kylie Jenner names her daughter Stormi
Annex of the cart after a baby boom man new mom Kylie Jenner who just welcomed a baby girl into the world. This is the first child that's when year old daughter Caitlin and Christie kept the pregnancy relatively private and now she and father rapper Travis Scott. There's really mentally he's not cool Unser who would have guessed idea on they have now announced the baby's name OK so the baby. Stormy Webster. She posted to answer Graham along with a picture of him. Other baby holding mom's hand them the breast Manny of course. Big sister Kim Kardashian treated her approval of sorts with a single storm analogy yes giving Kanye named their baby of course Chicago. Next up is Chloe who's reportedly at around 29 weeks pregnant. With her first child Aaron lots of babies alone in the car dashing Glen MacNow like that one connections who doesn't have that kid coming.

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{"id":52902684,"title":"Kylie Jenner names her daughter Stormi","duration":"0:52","description":"The reality star gave birth to her first child on Feb. 1.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kylie-jenner-names-daughter-stormi-52902684","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}