Lady Gaga, Osbournes Feud; Kanye Fights Back's Rob Shuter has the latest Hollywood headlines.
4:18 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Lady Gaga, Osbournes Feud; Kanye Fights Back
You want Hollywood headlines. We've got your Hollywood headlines with help -- Larry Roger here with all the very latest that we need from Hollywood -- around the world -- All right rob what is I act and this was toll brought to mind tension between Lady Gaga. And the -- is amazing story the reason you might not be. On the tip of your tongue so to speak is that this is been sort of simmering for a little while. What happened is a couple of years ago at Kelly was trying to lose some weight and there was some criticism of heavily by lady docked off -- -- he went on its. That she thought lady de Oca had really meaningful and missed and that Lady Gaga could sort of talent found so little monster right to be a little they know it's not. This is how this whole thing exploded then Blackwell -- And said. Kenny I do have some empathy with you and I understand what you're saying how -- you're on a show called fashion pleased that makes a living in. Criticizing people for the way they little. In the end. -- don't stir up problems is Sharon gavels -- -- has to slap him to god I'll. Saying she is a bullet saying that she loves attention and she has posted. -- Atlanta to lady -- -- On FaceBook page that you should all -- and have a look at it goes on and on and on but it is a very very tough that time -- meanwhile. In the process when you think -- person please. You bring in -- real rise threat like just gold says there is heavy players and this is this is gonna blow up -- -- -- right now it's only gonna get -- Joan Rivers is an awesome to say about this. And so this isn't gonna go why this feud is gonna go on and on and on. I think that's the -- -- million. People that follow on Twitter and -- Sharon points. You could -- -- -- million people. Let's stop this right now and that's if god god we don't seriousness and that is a lot of power -- celebrity's as you know -- -- you have a great deal of influence over a lot of people. Some recognition aren't saying US we've gotten the Dresser -- that was discussed and -- if you really want you -- -- stop attacking my tools. I do something else this is going to keep got a guy I think this is going to be big story and so we shall see if -- he's gonna win. The voice of reason I went all those gloves over odds is going to be that want to get a mediators but that it could happen diplomatic and it's a bit -- -- Yeah exactly -- -- understand exactly where he's -- by. Things will be so you aren't Kim Kardashian in tiny west having a baby making gradually have a but it's not necessarily the kind of life that Connie wants to Wisconsin. And US and and perhaps the very healthy ego he -- compared himself to Michael Jackson several times because it's telling friends that he does not want the baby on the reality show that they recently. And -- -- Million dollars for the exclusive. -- Often they because he wants to keep his -- Out of the spotlight that is not something you associate with the -- -- CNN's there's a lot of tension in the contacts you and at the moment on the day is big news. He wants his son owed Deluca to go on to be a musician and up pops on the economy I -- a -- and a Christian and those gonna weigh in on this look at the end of the -- debate between critics and conduct and what we're hearing. Is that those two sort of thing in this who's the boss beyoncé though little home and a little home dedication if you will kill him understanding of -- devote. She brought this -- -- they could do these -- -- did a cover story with GQ these amazing very sexy pictures on the cover of GQ. In the -- She admitted that she hasn't really been the highest. K -- to an icon herself but that's. Hunt has a room full budget you don't outcome. Few pictures gossip around my -- -- -- -- Every everything -- -- the war on labeled identifiable my shoes in labels. Everything's -- touch apparently in this room and every -- so she's haven't done. She has recorded and -- has simple labels on this beyoncé fan drinkers have frankly you wanna have one rumor you wanna have a whole house dedicated to that in mind that I shall the just to let it affect you so much everybody candidacy.

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{"id":18195986,"title":"Lady Gaga, Osbournes Feud; Kanye Fights Back","duration":"4:18","description":"'s Rob Shuter has the latest Hollywood headlines.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lady-gaga-osbournes-feud-kanye-fights-back-18195986","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}