Lady Gaga vs. PETA?

Rob Shuter has the day's headlines from Hollywood.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Lady Gaga vs. PETA?
-- what celebrity news. We've got celebrity news brought here from -- liberty dot com is here with all -- -- that we can can only rely on rob full partner rely on why has it been so long since I've seen you lastly you've been -- in bulls I'd have been marketing department -- that led -- and you've been saying nasty things about Meehan -- level we'll talk about that and let's get the real reason why you're here. Big Bang theory star mine -- Alley in a serious accident what is. This is really serious it just happened yesterday that was a terrible crash. In Al she was quite swiped by a bunch of tourists. Rushed to hospital there was a lot of blood everywhere have for a while we really which might lose a finger. Honda's really badly botched up. -- she tweeted that she's getting much that's that she's still in hospital. And -- finger is scared to remain. But she it was he was really scary for a while perhaps on believe the bombing. Although it is this is real -- and it's like no that's really happened yet but she tweeted maybe she -- so what else freaking. How about that -- -- senator co owner not an -- that digit is safe we can say he's comment yes it did did you well outside -- -- -- that but it. It just -- and we can tell you what I -- treat you because I'm from a 140 characters right Robert John Major what I would ask this since these little outskirts of it doing on in my. -- three a massive massive franchise one of the biggest movies. Of all behind it in the does what he he is -- on the sex. And the producers of the show half put out a statement confirming this -- the gonna shut down production for a little while but it's not gonna delay the film. But he's going to be -- -- obviously be careful with this rule -- is dangerous work modern powerful Lady -- speaking of dangerous does not shy away from controversy whatsoever if it's not the meat dress is coming out of an AA and the -- She's covered in fur and Peta is going. Someone really went. That he -- -- with the. Cook accused European can contact ship to be somebody that famously -- Brian -- might -- No the most respected for -- it was a real mean to forget. Gauntlet did not take the slide back Garko went to the web site. Said that she thought that he hadn't childish. She will not support them -- -- selfish full -- respect people's opinions you cannot. Bully. But she does remind us that -- due to with the fraud -- -- so she is back. Refusing equal opportunity animal offender so that all I think it's actually it's like she thinks it's all a -- that you might think it's a -- unable to actually looks of these it's all yeah exactly and -- have -- -- holder what is the situation with the situation you know -- -- -- -- celebrity. Segment without talking up after a -- as the president said it doubted that new reality -- resulted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He enjoys the liberty be brook and one of my favorite shows they have a bunch of celebrities on the it'll pass that he competitive and well speak. Of bear apparently news I think that it is a Big Brother -- -- Big Brother here because -- Douglas and did some excellent and we -- on this by the British one place it's about the -- for the situation. Yeah absolutely I mean the fact the matter is that like obviously you know you can't make a reality television career from. At last -- the Jersey Shore. Figured out that isn't sure about celebrity Big Brother who knows what's next clothing line -- Fragrant pink hair absolutely. -- -- from up for that Obama for a year.

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{"id":17022471,"title":"Lady Gaga vs. PETA?","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter has the day's headlines from Hollywood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lady-gaga-peta-17022471","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}