'No Land's Man'

Aasif Mandvi on his new essays and “The Daily Show.”
11:33 | 11/26/14

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Right here in both and yet it is always wondered too that voted last year's. They don't know one two million people know wondered to people and that's one a two run Hamann. There's just one or two out of 60000. So statistically there's enough order fraud to sway zero elections. Best not the point. Who met the girl from comedy central's The Daily Show. Featuring senior Middle East correspondent Asa Mon V and moneys is released a new collection of personal essays called no lands man tells got a movie coming out soon. And a new show coming up on HBO we are delighted that he's taken the time to come into the studio with us today. Thank you think I have leaving half the time I I barely do I mean I live we we I give it 3 minute brought o'clock it's got time let's go. Interview and I always wondered yes see you coming. This sometimes they do and sometimes they don't care. That in that particular instance I don't think he cares I league I think you get. Sometimes you get people and that sweet spot wed be there. Passion for racism is so openly seeking. It means that they want to express their racism no matter what even though Manto odd yeah and he he went with it he just went for he you know he did not care. While the I think members also lull people into this false sense of securities and at times we try to softball them a little bit you know yes for the live that we asked boom. And then we will hopefully get honest reaction wasn't what he assumes you draw the mountain cracked me up every time I see you on TV and basketball these different projects going on and how. I do it all. How did manage to be on The Daily Show the movie the book. Well he's out you know I'm not married that don't have kids I'll sell may be. A that's what evidence that. May be made he. Yeah I don't know I mean it's it I've been very fortunate that I've gotten to do a lot of different things in my career. Even was doing The Daily Show I was able to go off in. You know write this book do movies whatever so you know and and it is one of the things that it. Asked about the daily show's did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that you would have ruled it just seems so perfect for you. He seemed like such an inch and thank you yes you know it's. It never I never expected to be on The Daily Show you know I. I'm I mean I'm actor and I. Really don't even think of myself as a comedian people think of me as a comedian now because of The Daily Show somewhat but I. I came went acting school in the united talk about this in the book actually ally. Got this audition one day and it was basically they call me an ace and into The Daily Show is looking for a Middle East and looking. And I thought well this is the most elaborate Homeland Security sting operation. And I night and actually didn't go to initially I said now I don't wanna do it because I thought it was going to be one of these. You know things you again in the in the book I talk about like these the space to go on. For Scott to New York grabbed often like you know snake charmer all right guys sitting on the carpet pretending to fly or whatever you and actually ask you. Yes you can do those and they did that with that when I first auditions can in New York. I went in for a snake charmer and they said to me first do you own a terrific. And I said well. Usually if you want a turban. You'll win and it. You don't like leave home and that's forgot it's you know is it and then that they asked me was do you actually know honestly John. And I said and I was so I was so young and desperate. That I said you know I don't honestly chime but an Indian. So it's probably in my DN eight. And I could probably figure it out at all where they didn't get the job that you now. But yet so I went on The Daily Show came along I was just like this is that the U I had no idea how to via. Journalists fake correspondent. Person and I got comedy is much in The Daily Show. While ago you know that but luckily it worked out and got the job and it's been it's been great acutely going to cello. And it ends up if you actually become worse that what I did eventually show up I don't know that I showed up yet and then everything just went and did my best even a bad impression. And then John offered me the job and I god and then you know then. Talking that. Do we saw earlier and many other dudes like I like elect people like yes so how does it work on the Daly City just walk in. And sage on a talk about health care today. Now we have you know we we have we have a team of very Smart funny people who research these stories and come to us and say hey this crazy thing going on here this me funny you know and then we. So the get together and and divides the take on that story in and created you know a team of people come together to put these things so they say that people on The Daily Show or fake anchor space correspondent that you really not doing the same things and I would do it Bob. In some regards we he I mean you know we are dealing with the real news it's just that our take on it is always through the lens of what it's funny. How was this funny how was this a story that we would cover as boosted unit CBS news that the craziest thing you've ever. The craziest thing I have ever had John on The Daily Show said oh maybe maybe. We'll talk. You know you need that is a Tennessee you sort of have to leave a solid door a little bit when you walk into these rooms sometimes and there was one there was one. Story idea it with a guy in San Francisco who have created this app called tap fish which is a game children's game. And somebody's child had spent like I know 500 dollars on this game and the father was outraged. And this man who had created this thing. Was sort of defending the fact that you know and and we put him on the phone. On air with the guy who was complaining about it so that they could talk to shore up their and I thought but figured to myself like. We may have got to fire because it was a it was a sad thing to watch this guy. Try to defend his situation and this guy ought this father on the phone just be like. It's screaming at a so that was one moment where I thought maybe maybe we gotta love it too far but usually the people that we skew our. Kinda have a common that they report they kind of asked that you know kind of make them on bad in the way in hell. Yeah and we look to see it eats you know. It's it's something that yeah you get to that point what you. You see it happening and you're like well we have to go with us because how could we not this is this is too funny and you just said you just stepped rated you know and that often happen he's stepping in with pride yes exactly exactly is like the guy that we saw exactly. So let's talk about the book no lands man yeah I. I loved how you brought us through your childhood you talk about half. Your life experiences you talk about being bullied what the stories that stood out for me was how you got into acting yeah did you decide you know yeah. Well you know what I grew up sort of in it as a kid and England you know sort of watching. A book a pop culture American pop culture diet of that happy days and you know I was sort of talk about in the book how I was a big fan of the fonds when I was kid you know and I wanted a thought acting was like. You grew up and he wore leather jacket you are laden motorcycle in Milwaukee Wisconsin must I could to figures and girls can run that is that is. And and my mother told me about two and it's it's my mother wannabe actor and I was young kid as I wanted to let the funds you know. And she said no you want to be a wash and it was this moment for me as an immigrant kid. Where I for the first of might find out what my should be flies. So law. A man who looked like me he was a brown guy Wright who was in a Hollywood movie and he wasn't playing a servant he wasn't playing a native he was like the gentleman was like you know. And so in the same way that may be against Alice city Claudia somebody like that was for young African Americans. You know Omar Sharif and became this guy and then I was like L bats. You know what I want to be you know so I should've used the stories in the book. As kind of a template to talk about some large issues through humor. Much in the same way that we do on The Daily Show but using the stories of my life detective used as a starting point you know. And you know when you talk about what brought you here yap to the states use its existing because you weaved together. Ideas that some would say well it seems kind of he he's exploring issues of race Iraq prejudice but I also what we see ya. And you talk about your father backed we'll my dad came here. You know he was once with America right and so he came. To Florida on a reconnaissance mission and somebody took a map for brunch. And he fell in love with this idea of Bryant he thought it was food meals that existed so he was like not an army was like. Between they have so much food is back the between breakfast and lunch hit the stop but need to get. Several (%expletive) all you got you know he was so excited about that idea and that story is is hilarious and and my and my father you know he's embarrassed by talent. People. But it's also a story about. The immigrant experience been like and the idea of coming to the land of plenty and like what that means what it what it meant for him. Bush is what it means for me you know I I I came here as a teenager and then went to high school college and ended up on The Daily Show being able to sort of like criticize. And praise the culture that that I live him in I. And my decade here with a very different sort of. Idea of the American American dream you know so this is interest he was into action to try all you tax he's not rejected out of my dad isn't true Indian immigrants in the sense that he getting in an NL all the anybody able. Will know this to be true that you look for a bargain anywhere at any time and in this two for one these gold for the anatomy so he would. Insist on that getting the extra large gulp discusses 39 cents more than go after like I don't need to drain this let's diet soda and a bike what more things done. You have a movie out now you also have an HBO show yeah comes up. Tell me about it will be HBO series is called the brink and comes out next year it's a geo political satirical comedy starring Jack Black Tim Robbins publish Schreiber. Colored G you know John that kept myself and it's it's sort of a mashup of Dr. Strangelove. And the show mash them it's kind of that it's like it's like if homeland 124 was a comedy. That's what the brink would be deals would that real. Geopolitical. War. And all this like incredibly serious stuff but through a lens of humor and satire. I love home and I love comedy that's the perfect it's it is it's it's it's kind of like what we do on The Daily Show but in a narrative form and I love it and it makes my book coming out now lands meadowlands man out. Fantastic collection of essays about your life. It is hilariously got a check out they have so much thank you so much I appreciate it.

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