Latino cultural representation at New York Comic Con

Puerto Rican comic writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez discusses the meaning behind his comic "La Borinqueña."
3:03 | 10/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Latino cultural representation at New York Comic Con
And before we go as you know on the national Hispanic heritage month is from September 15 to October 15. Minute pays tributes to the generations. Of Hispanic Americans have enriched our nation in the past. And the president. With many new create is an artist. Making sure that the Latino community is represented. In all space is even comic books so taking New York's comic con for example our team was there over the weekend. And caught up with their Edgardo Marie and the Rodriguez who created a female new year Rican superhero. Called lab were in Kenya. Fighting climate change she doubts those check it out the that the. Given an arrow what people more. Concerned with popular cold thirty you know a bit like they can. Talk to you about the Bok dolphins revenue for the last you know fifty year old available how much this celebrity earned but nobody can tell you how much. Per capita income is important building block all the debt is affecting real people. My thoughts about the more than me invade the fate the popular culture and maybe create. My own superhero monopoly game you know it's giver come from hot plume that give rookie could give birth superhero origin story but instead of it being based in. Three north Rome the content I thought much about one when I looked into Puerto Rican the county Mississippi. And I crafted a whole story around. Connecting her to a real history of previous pact that would embrace heritage and apologetic for the Indians a symbol and an icon for hope. I thought well that's leamer La blinking up because that would literally translate into the Puerto Rican woman. And my wife came up with the idea worldwide would have to deal would have tropical storm. And I thought well in the faith of comic book that hyperbole want to own an exaggerated what into the storm that is sold the idea that indeed the entire time and in a black and Elton. Nine months. People hurricane Maria. And nine months after that when hurricane Maria over the posts by DP comic. And this idea came about her accident street reconstruction and reconstruction with the first time that these character than their eighty year combined cannon. We'll come to Port Authority he had been pulled what you would relieve a quarter of a million dollars in my wife created the bubble thinking and grant program. It's angrily what we do important legal will be returned to the island. Can we distribute 101000 dollar grant more than a decent profit and adjusted its second annual awards ceremony this path. Come August in what the legal and it was the first time that may approve a fan one. Supported our effort think she actually hosted the event brought in and that may tell everyone and within earshot that reality game is what city but the pistons will be year old. In an industry anywhere at 30000. Records exist between DC and marvel 41 for fans. Actually a teenage characters so creating a character bed tax relief reflective of our heritage reflective of our culture and also. Utilizing the talent that are ready fifth and in his feet while what I really hope it does that inspired people to recommend that they can do it soon. Lab Larry King yeah I love it oh my goodness.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Puerto Rican comic writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez discusses the meaning behind his comic \"La Borinqueña.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66114857","title":"Latino cultural representation at New York Comic Con","url":"/Entertainment/video/latino-cultural-representation-york-comic-con-66114857"}