LeAnn Rimes Says 'Screw You' to 'Real Housewives'

The singer talks to Jimmy Kimmel about facing attacks from the reality show's cast.
2:17 | 01/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LeAnn Rimes Says 'Screw You' to 'Real Housewives'
You're in the middle of this battle of one of the real housewives and I don't know what's going on because real whatever they are how and why I don't even house I -- -- that's what I want. You're watching this show do you know what's going on you do know what's going on though I didn't. It's going on is that the deal with my publicist -- Monday I see I -- and -- so there's some sort of blood exchange of things because your husband used to be this woman's husband and then you guys don't get along -- she says terrible things about you. And then you say things about her sometimes mean things about her well the -- A second yes. The -- the most about the past hour right now red and knowing today I am going to test me and I think that's why I have no boys have been yelling at the TV screen against. Now which I don't want no but I. But I and no I think that it's kind of interesting how it seems they went sentiments that time the opinion that you just gotta get fed up of people like and I union -- -- -- yeah. Hey we're just here is something right here yes I know she thought let's say last night AI television. -- I am now you that you have a little something that none of the real housewives as far as I know I could be mistaken have. Yeah you're talented safety. They don't in -- but there comes a time when. You. Actually one of -- like I'm done this yeah. -- -- and I think but that's. What did that's their whole thing is to get people involved and then sorts of things I mean that's the only reason people are watching is because they're fighting all the time if they got along with -- others. They wouldn't be on the show right now I'm not on the show I know that you somehow -- -- into neural. Early and I don't really enjoy it because I do actually make music and I loved it you know what I would -- gave up here. -- -- walks into the salt I had done -- oh you're arguing that -- that's good so some of these songs are about that stuff -- most of them and I hope. Now most of them now about just my in my life I mean I think that -- -- see her on the track listing burn in hell real time. People should really read into that -- -- -- you know -- it's subtle but I think the battle of yeah really.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"The singer talks to Jimmy Kimmel about facing attacks from the reality show's cast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18294124","title":"LeAnn Rimes Says 'Screw You' to 'Real Housewives'","url":"/Entertainment/video/leann-rimes-says-screw-you-to-real-housewives-18294124"}