Learn About Giraffes' Unique Features

ABC News' Gina Sunseri learns that giraffes' spot patterns are unique, like humans' fingerprints.
2:38 | 12/19/16

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Transcript for Learn About Giraffes' Unique Features
Surprise people about your half's what you've learned about them that you finds infants and we'll actually think that old giraffe look really different. Com and allied people who are probably think that they looked the same month except a lot of really unique round draft out. Unique spot patterns and never changes I like very much like our good friend noticed grants that these mock. Unseen he knew that to identify exactly which individual you're looking at even in the wildly with any future it. I'm sure now look exactly like they also very different shaped face it. The bombs on the back Erekat are called up the congress not exactly mourns. Because they have ever on them. But they are all unique species technology gap at exactly that came looking on some happy with lots of her on there is not only have a little the bombs. On the forehead in between there eyes that kind of changes overtime and get bigger they get older and that also changing and so did a lot of differently Virginia town. Individual gap apart. And I think that that's really I think they look great. Seeking edited left close up look at that big fox between his forehead. It's just the calcium deposits as his body kind of as excess calcium that'll sort rate and that bomb them between his eyes and it's theirs McNair had really really heavy. Because the males use their heads in the fight for territory in the wild that he had not indie show. Is that having a very heady had helped them when those might have failed to ask you have headway over 200 pounds and they definitely aren't we can is very racist when and what makes some principals and their high importance and I think it's also on the way that they walk -- have a somewhat unique way of walking make pace we're both legs move on the on. The things better body is somewhat in the way that it emblems. Not exactly that and it a lot of other four legged animals were used to seeing now a little bit of an agreement with friend and kidnapping I think this is a Saudi she's on a back females here on our adult females at the Houston there. She's very friendly. Again you can look and see her face is very unique state she got a lot of dark matter if they are now. Every every you're acting. And she's very curious thing is I think she's very period. The ugly thing I do have are very curious for the most part they're a little bit hesitant sometimes and new things. They usually curiosity went out and it will come over and explore stuff they liked using tongs a lot that is what they used to. Investigation didn't think we think of it we were invited players yeah. We wanted to clear without on the ground look at it I can't think that's definitely get a gap for all lately thanks.

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{"id":44285030,"title":"Learn About Giraffes' Unique Features","duration":"2:38","description":"ABC News' Gina Sunseri learns that giraffes' spot patterns are unique, like humans' fingerprints.","url":"/Entertainment/video/learn-giraffes-unique-features-44285030","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}