Leslie Jones Responds to 'Ghostbusters' Backlash With 'Tears' and 'Sad Heart'

The comedian and actress tweeted that she was in a "personal hell" after receiving racist and hurtful tweets in response to the movie.
3:43 | 07/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Leslie Jones Responds to 'Ghostbusters' Backlash With 'Tears' and 'Sad Heart'
Now our friend Leslie Jones who has just here. Because she was celebrating their success of her movie. Ghost busters but instead now she's happy but polls on Internet. So what's saying racist ugly tweets about hair even if you didn't like current will be why attacked her Presley when you know nothing about what is it. That you know I always tell people don't read tweets because and most people can't do what you did they don't know how to. It do it to do and you know. Lastly looks like a big woman she is a big woman and she's a woman who is happy with who she is so why why why sends her ugly net. She says their Twitter thugs with key board courage Satan in a mama's basement. Some I think to show at what was the except apparently isn't this awful but it was second she finished with two tweets she said I feel like I'm in a personal hell I didn't do anything to deserve this it's just too much it shouldn't be like this so hurt right now. And then I need Twitter tonight with tears in a very sad heart all this because I did a movie you can hate the movie but that. The poop I got that that is hurting them where I got today wrong yeah that's aren't alone and you know talking about her face comparing her to. And Aaron have an eight cool cool cool are you people and can you do what she does you can't you shop. In another incident like yeah they go to that yes they go to embrace that I haven't felt I had a show on the radio now. Knowing NY was and that someone is gonna say your ugly I sat on the radio you know at this. I saw with my contacts that they went to my Alaska you know he's he's not politics she made a movie and you know god blessed she got a job and she's working for her money paid what do you. The Oscars how we talked a lot about race at what was hired here coming after a person who got a job a lot of the criticism is the roll in the types of the lady character was portrayed but as you mentioned over and over. She could job Arnold wrote this. If you on an and I don't even think you hate on that person but the point is you're after the personally and yes to a great opportunity. And all have a higher risk we put she was so funny in that movie I went out because you know what kids it's something that happens a lot on whether. And it just. I used to try to answer people to. And then I realize that can't you can't. You can't answer that because they don't want here and don't let them feel hurt I like Lotto has let me just friend I would like that she answered that every now and then I fight you know you get hates me to ignore Tanenbaum I'd like that she answer the only because I think that's a way to expose. Some of these horrible people for who they are any show up pace well I don't. Talking is when people think things like racism don't exist at that this doesn't exist and that doesn't exist when you show kids in the show in the world. This does exist. That's OK if you've been doing this a long time. And you can take it. But this is insidious I know you I know what I I want to say this it's insidious because if you want to hurt somebody. If that's how you get your rocks ought to. Do want to yourself now but they don't do it to yourself you know look yourself in the bear and you really stand up to whom she is you can. And you never will be able to him. 'cause that ugly. You have all this and be fantastic but job is here and yet when.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The comedian and actress tweeted that she was in a \"personal hell\" after receiving racist and hurtful tweets in response to the movie. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40705263","title":"Leslie Jones Responds to 'Ghostbusters' Backlash With 'Tears' and 'Sad Heart' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/leslie-jones-responds-ghostbusters-backlash-tears-sad-heart-40705263"}