Liam Neeson: From Ballymena to Hollywood

Liam Neeson talks about growing up in Ireland and his early acting career.
3:37 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Liam Neeson: From Ballymena to Hollywood
In your absence. I've gotten to know -- quite intimately. We are hearing. But I can tell you this. She doesn't -- freaks. I mentioned a couple of -- movies that you've done that -- took place that you or I remember. Dark -- something. Sticks with me but. How does that play in your head now when people bring -- -- Perhaps it was fantastic work with some rain and you know that's just wonder chemistry -- I think stolen this. Great cartoons storytelling you know. The pyrotechnics he would do this compounds. This was consistent story. -- -- -- -- His disfigured tomorrow -- and comfortable -- -- moments ago. And then to three years later you're a description pension -- that kind of a career changer isn't. -- if I certainly -- for me. Of course. A source pupils groups and I don't know the root of I can't script through damage he. -- moment because I read. For -- Tuesday and part of the stone raft with all this potential actors who have on leave him number. Half truths and who. -- that kids. He said but. I have -- is planned -- This is mine's Kristen. Shoot something else. Was in this waste time you -- -- -- that. But it gave it sounds to work with him for this. Particular day and now and Dark -- You know backed by our personnel are not the -- -- -- -- but you know. It all comes around yeah. We'll all these are those moments we don't we can't go through that whole career but I've got to mention take it because taken you're doing steeple to. -- marketers did you lose their daughter again. Can't say hey -- -- the that don't. That couldn't I was going to Europe again comprehend why we have been taken again -- it can possibly. I detect. On talking to you. And buyers mine action just time does that mean anything that there. Let's it. That sometimes isn't there how hard is it when you are playing somebody without that -- It's from a group Piorek kept the more I don't want to -- are much anymore. Can only hope consumers now says it's important to him like I totally see what -- -- it just becomes another. Just becomes. For me it just -- Wall you have to can make it over. To convey emotions -- And when I signed up -- are similar to play this -- responses. I don't have to worry about. The pronunciation -- got some of them do not certain. Regional accident from somewhere in America and and I who has -- -- so bloody cold coming think that way so let's just speak the way we speak I'm -- used to agreement. There are times that degrades almost like the artist -- he he got. Arches communicating via different -- it's not through the -- but this -- -- -- -- -- from -- -- there -- a couple of times. It's certainly -- -- -- It was so cool. My brain and speak for like -- Just. Would freeze and dysfunction between -- -- -- thought here. Constantly about your wife Max. It was. Really really difficult but you felt we were fumbling -- that. Cool -- -- -- part we'll have him tried to do yeah who said it does it. So what good reason I bring up Ireland is the sense of you beginning in -- life and saying I want. To do when it. What's that what's the town and here. An anonymous call -- -- not that's about thirty miles northwest of Belfast. And north east. -- Moments Ulster. It's still. Politically apart. Britain's global market. So we're not gonna get into the troubles in Africa I think. Mind you there as there was some areas but that around his brother officer in all the trouble -- On the escape route was. Was strong comments -- from one school -- And some two Murray -- -- -- -- to do this for a living and teacher training college got in the way first can -- -- Some fantastic theater on time record Paige Miles Michael -- players -- and -- But was professional improvement of the play every four weeks. I it took no position -- -- a couple of years. Literally from the play every -- Best way to learn and spin through look at. Fashion there haven't done to you. Dublin minds are on -- theater. Joan -- saw me and John Steinbeck's of mice and man. By -- Cast mr. -- -- Excalibur. That was my first real. Experience. In them but -- real. We always and -- that show where I ask every guest. It ended in a slight bit of song. -- groups a little bit you're Irish so -- -- -- but you can sing anything you want. As long as you don't disguise your voice when you do it. And is free to run amok. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- breeze blows. -- It should remember his time going mightily if there is going -- -- expecting father O'Malley and -- pre. That got you for that reason and you also. -- to -- from the Simpsons I remember you can Ehrlich are the hallmarks yet but you. You converted homered for -- -- something I can't really ever forget and I even here. That you are on wreckage of raises new show life's too short -- we do to little skirts for Hillary. -- Comic -- were you converting. No. I'll tell you what it is not -- -- go to him and his partner Stephen Merchant and as media -- and been very very seriously. Sort of -- community for talk from. -- I want to break -- comedy. And it's just good common remove personal -- sketches from the comic -- Crazy characters and stuff on them and tests -- my company's -- some just goes. Coast to -- this -- -- it. If they so you're laughing at you and with you which is a good thing. -- we all have to -- -- more from point. So William thank you good popular with regret -- but it happens yeah.

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{"id":15456875,"title":"Liam Neeson: From Ballymena to Hollywood","duration":"3:37","description":"Liam Neeson talks about growing up in Ireland and his early acting career.","url":"/Entertainment/video/liam-neeson-ballymena-hollywood-15456875","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}