Lightning Round with the cast of 'Master of None'

The cast of "Master of None," including creator and star Aziz Ansari, answers our questions as fast as they can.
2:15 | 05/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lightning Round with the cast of 'Master of None'
I'm joined remake him in here in New York City premiere of master of none is one of my favorite shows coming on that thinks this scenes and and I'm put into that cats and see if they can handle the lightning around. And it's even one death go to Italy to learn how to make pots of what's your favorite type of constant flow. I'd retelling. I like I don't she. I get just as that and soaking up all the sauce and who could teaming up McCleon. Had a for lunch today actually. Mean. When dating I give it texture or color. Oh call their which is awkward because he kept people off guard Nate think it's the police sort of an emergency. I like calling people's needs to them on the film rights. Blew. It good texture and the last person you call from mom but it was enough for dating Eric land. My boyfriend. Attaching manage the manage it. With the pats or that you never had that's very stayed at her grabbed. On an alone while I'm single ounce on now with that person looked in the dark jacket. BJ you do a dark place Hawaii yeah. Definitely memo it anyway so they have to go that. Honestly the personal my girlfriend I don't even know what that date she was on a Holler at me and I didn't know it. And it would have fell head over hills and that was our meal was great I did for the perfect big I didn't know I was actually on a date. If you're like where I love song what would it be. Right to party but these people is how about since leaving on his I don't have a look renouncing. It due. And what is your let me ask. Well somebody that makes you feel Coleman yourself. To someone. It's really dealing meaning hastening yeah China's stand and really when you have the better banks and alienate sand bank. Hot steamy. And hoping. That was so much nine I don't know about you guys but I do think they're and I'm Jerry Lee McKenzie and it.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"The cast of \"Master of None,\" including creator and star Aziz Ansari, answers our questions as fast as they can.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47417812","title":"Lightning Round with the cast of 'Master of None'","url":"/Entertainment/video/lightning-round-cast-master-47417812"}