Linda Blair's Legacy

The "Exorcist" star talks about her place in horror film history.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Linda Blair's Legacy
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a problem. -- Still gives us the -- that is one of the most iconic horror movies of all time the acts -- assessed. And starring as possessed child Regan a young Linda Blair won America's heart. While simultaneously scaring the heck out of everyone -- portrayal garnered her a Golden Globe Award nominations and Academy Award nomination. And cemented her place in pop culture history and Linda let Aaron joins us now welcome Linda thank you so much for having me it's a pleasure to have the queen of Halloween here with us today that's right this is this -- -- absolutely it does surprise you how. Iconic that film remains -- mean even with all the changes in horror film technology. It's still a terrifying. Because I've lived with that her almost forty years it took a long time for me to find some of the fondness for the -- of humor. One of the film -- help me to do that was -- repossessed would take it with Leslie Nielsen. I think it wasn't until -- for embarked on that journey as able to say you know what I can have fun with this too. What I recognize now it's one of the greatest films ever made and that's due to the great screenplay directing acting -- photography special effects. And it was just -- so much controversy around this fact but now people look at it as iconic film. Mainly if I think you're proud of about -- they -- or sound extreme right. I don't think of it as a or found my thinking it was a theological thriller. I think and that has an extremely intelligent movie it just happens to scare the living. Yeah she is that it didn't all apparently does bring Halloween. And collaboration with reader's digest -- team up -- them to create. This spooking CD tell us about it well what I decided to do a few years ago was to license out some of the Reagan. Memorabilia and so once that my Foundation's calendar Blair world heart foundation. Would have. Would be part of it that we could be in part of the proceeds of people are donating to charity. So in reader's digest. Approached me as a staple of America it's when I grew up on my mother always said -- -- a look at this article on vitamins and health in the animal stories. So I'm very much to reader's digest baby. And they said we have a Halloween collection and it's called. Be afraid of the dark. Yeah and to CD. That allows anybody you know we've gone from maybe a lot of the big theme parks for Halloween down to -- at the home party's right and now people to safety reasons and so on. So now people coming -- this CD it's got a compilation of all your favorite movies in Halloween season. Obviously tubular bells as part of -- and this way it's one -- the and it covers everything whether it's a party whether it's your school whatever it is. It's available on iTunes Amazon hand. Wal-Mart and you obviously picked out a lot of the songs you know they pretty much -- because it has to do with -- -- and I am pretty much just a spokesperson for the best seat in the only ones need. I. What do you find spooky what scares Linda Blair. Because -- worked with animal welfare because I work in more very realistic atmosphere. Dying. As far as film and entertainment. I absolutely admire anybody that sets forth to make -- -- and they don't realize how hard. Scary films are and they movie called -- night. Well I had to hyperventilate. And he got the whole movie and running and you're running and you're scared. And you know and that has a big fan base. But I remember how tired analyzed and -- asked to get people to be afraid. And of course it did. Scariest place on her scariest places on earth which is a lot of real places and in the world that had so called -- -- and that was that was a big show that type I think reality. How things have happened -- historically. Or. What people can what do. That's that's what frightens me. Looking ahead Halloween are you going to dress up if you ever reprise Reagan probably no I don't I'm usually working on behalf Illinois Iowa heart foundation for the dogs in the -- and everything to every dime goes to help the -- and -- wonderful work that you do Linda Blair thank you so much for being with that the events -- happening and happening only here. --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Exorcist\" star talks about her place in horror film history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17556828","title":"Linda Blair's Legacy ","url":"/Entertainment/video/linda-blairs-legacy-17556828"}