Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back to Jail

The actress was sentenced to 300 days of jail for violating her probation.
3:09 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back to Jail
-- serve 300 days in the county jail. That's 150 days on the city attorney -- a case. And -- 150 days on count five. The second time driving under the influence count of the Beverly Hills case. -- time will be stage. And it's going to be status follows. It is served thirty days in the county jail now. -- to surrender within one week I understand that you have some work lined up you -- to surrender by November ninth. In person to see your -- that's that the women's jail. And Begin serving -- thirty days. You are not to be eligible. For house arrest electronic monitoring. And any other early release and that record by the law. The remaining 270. Days in jail will be stayed as follows and this is where. You need to listen carefully in this listen to your attorney. You -- to return to this court on December 14. Between now and December 14. -- -- to perform twelve days of community service -- the more. And you are too sick to attend for psychotherapy sessions of 45 minutes I'm not gonna tell you have to do it every week. If you do the before within a month. The twelve days. You can do however the work schedules you -- you -- to date all of the terms and conditions of the morgues community service rules. They seem to have an issue with -- tweeting. I can't order you to stop tweeting but if it's one -- their rules. That you don't tweet about them. Don't tweet about them I've asked them to -- holding press conferences about YouTube so. Come to an agreement both of you you -- tweet about them but that's not an order on -- and suggesting don't tweet about them they're not bill press conferences about yet. So by December 14 twelve days at the morgue. And four -- set their recessions. If you do that. Then the 270 days will be stayed until January 17. By January 17 -- to perform twelve more days at the -- And -- psychotherapy sessions. If you do that then on January 17. The 270 days will be further -- To February 15. February 15. -- perform twelve more days after work and for more psychotherapy sessions. If you do that than jail time will be further stated to march 29. -- march 29 -- du seventeen more days at the morgue. And six psychotherapy sessions. Then you'll have completed everything court would. If you do that. Then there's still time will be permanently stayed.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"The actress was sentenced to 300 days of jail for violating her probation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14867084","title":"Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back to Jail","url":"/Entertainment/video/lindsay-lohan-ordered-back-to-jail-14867084"}