Lindsay Lohan Is Robbed!

Rob Shuter has the details on Lindsay and all the day's celebrity headlines.
5:29 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Lindsay Lohan Is Robbed!
Time to get to caught up on all the latest celebrity gossip scandal Temps and trade rob shooter from how those celebrity dot com joins us now lots of news brought great that they -- let's lending though had to happen. Bill can't catch a break and Lindsay went to Hawaii. To get away from -- its drama about the play equally pictures being leaked I think she -- little time away to relax. Who Lindsay went behind his policy act upon she got -- it's stolen. Donated 101000 dollars in cash and carry a guy got on her passport her I. -- home court papers actually say she is allowed to travel. She was devastated by this is an audiotape of that once again a horrible friendly to the press to somebody recorded freaking out that opposed to being stolen. Washes most. Is concerned about was not put cash. But the fact that she has a court -- in Ireland on Wednesday. Without ID she wouldn't be able to fly back so what -- and they eventually found in the the money was gone but thank goodness the ninety was still that. It on the -- that the party and a minor incidents. Okay -- but I have to ask you if you. Hit Carrington that Donna and I would -- us yeah. Leopold and logged in your underwear yeah. -- -- perfect -- -- -- card partly I say that I've been there and yet you. Well it is -- -- -- that could. Oh my -- been a part part of labeling and pledged -- -- -- the woman's life got all right and Jennifer. Aniston she has something new and might well isn't that excited so it men's health decided that -- on the all within out of whose sexy and who's not that they did -- -- Of the sexiest woman of all cool. Tie it wow that's -- -- let did look up all talk and I -- -- -- he could -- yeah he was not -- -- added that it isn't feasible talked. And genital to genital well on this number two was Marilyn Monroe -- in the -- Iraq held well. And and and ranting -- -- followed as Madonna and Brittany on. And then Jennifer knows than we have done -- and and -- -- -- little -- -- Christiane let the home. -- got this great -- And they asked -- -- -- equal was the sexiest woman. And said Gloria Steinem a very very unusual choice that and also they asked what did she -- -- in the mind. I think should little -- -- -- that she's additionally some -- -- with great jobs. That they -- that makes -- last and most importantly. She -- the guy that has an appropriate spy against the death of here in the idea that he did not deliver it up -- -- But. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't what. Can pretty happy and anything -- so can. Has sisters made a stunning announcement over the weekend. Husband Limbaugh has been funny it to the mavericks which are based in Dallas and he's leading ally since the -- time. Since these sisters of really being in the spotlight one of them is going to be leaving the sixteen which they live they have traveled to new you'll. They have traveled to Miami that really traveled almost like a power. The first time that one of the sisters is breaking -- from the group he's gonna go well for the brilliant occupant in Dallas who -- and also what we. I told him that I child left -- -- -- on his time -- that's. The going to be then expect the camera crews to -- taken into a spin -- show of them moving to to Hamas together. -- does something it does that mean that Chloe will now no longer be part of the other part that's ten downing is no -- unless. They all traveled to dollars. To -- -- someone with clothing. And I'm sure you have a story of all the talk actions taken -- -- jobs -- husband's abuse said. Anything could happen and -- forced spinoffs from the contacts -- if I'm -- -- and the empire gravel is it just content here is -- bottom -- -- A little -- Oh my goodness now let's talk about the X-Factor. Apparent X-Factor panic at. Well disappointment Rachel this Yahoo! go was on the -- Carol -- emotional story had a very very. Tough upbringing she did wonderful. And then she actually thought that gun from the -- last week that this is whether drummer is hero of the story -- him. She's only thirteen years old so -- lots of people sent. Children and young people shouldn't be allowed on the show could have an advantage. Not what people -- saying. These children shouldn't be allowed from the shy because rejection. Of the Eiffel adopt -- -- it is not too difficult and we saw this bill. Actually break down when she got home she was -- and she hit the floor. How to break down on national T they. I'm leaving that -- and -- with therapists of people but thanks to help as their own solution that's. I'm so now they're saying another Miami Herald is too young to be on the -- -- agent. Child labor laws are gonna move into the reality show around my family for him -- boot -- when she hit the floor was pretty sad souls who happens that hard rupture thank you so much for all that bash at the --

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Rob Shuter has the details on Lindsay and all the day's celebrity headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15140211","title":"Lindsay Lohan Is Robbed!","url":"/Entertainment/video/lindsay-lohan-robbed-15140211"}