Listen to Elton John Get Prank Called by Radio Host Posing as Putin

Russian comedy duo "Vovan and Lexus" called Sir Elton John, an outspoken LGBT-rights advocate, and posed as the Russian president and his press secretary.
10:51 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Listen to Elton John Get Prank Called by Radio Host Posing as Putin
Hello sir Elton and oh. I like how are you. I'm fine I'm I'll be in temperature between use and means of working so okay okay secular and you tell me what you saw it okay sure. Trees. Just just that outcome. You know it's a continuous quotes middle east Carolina with total. Everything what you can list him. Music culture grants. Or human rights awards. Look I'm tired and I'm extremely honored to be on this but he's calling me on that I'm speaking to them. It's a great privilege to be of the speak to one of the most influential people in the whole world and so it's amazing. So they'll completely at the postal annual with the which English either you give patients a slimy toast to we will puzzling needed. He'd just as just more of deletes it humans some equity agent Cody media at that was heat to. From deception is to a quick university senior competitor west inevitably emerge. If he's could just threw it in this city. He told it's. She cared that see who wanted to talk to him about old. Important problems in rationalize. We'll cut it incredible I am a musician are not under a cilantro picked up some of monetary and I'm not a politician. But I would love to sit down with the president and disgusting face to face because I think. We couldn't solve many issues to gamma. Opens but it still want. But he took when he's eager to overseas. Sway me its own axles the books in the US but in east street. North to as a team asked of him in don't know we have cities victim now Couri New Hampshire with curriculum products. He use at their public school speech. That view. In Ukraine. And yet. New. News. He's. People's right to hear and. No it. But it wasn't a political thing I was just. Australian. To embrace. The LG BT population in the Ukrainian because and they can help boost the economy in Ukraine a my position in life. Is that people grew on day should be included in all walks of life and be given basic treatment. Several guns they would this opinion will open interest himself with him on regional mall Korean dipped almost it was the typical rates. A thugs don't smoke during his wobbly economy could ED if most of duty cuts Jay Jonas region I took some wasn't quite a while you. Yeah he's kidding yet must whose quest and slow Obama. On the August but in products and qarase was still done most to be true team in the Batiste youths and mr. until he. So I certainly understand that's what you mean. The thing accidents. Mr. portion used it's meeting right. Political Evans them. Well. Yet nobody is not my consult nominate mr. Bershard could get back. And I am sorry for a lot because I've mentioned I didn't mean to make it as a political speech I meant to make it as a humanitarian in each. And you know. You can tell a precedent that I love Russia since 1970 I'm on our first thing I'm I'd love Russian people very dearly I loved contrary I've always had some of kindness I do not wanna get mixed up in the political dialogue I'm not a politician. I want to talk on the humanitarian basis. To the president exercised what happily admit departure and in the departure was problem it's not my problem ally is there any embarrassment court that I regret that but it was not I didn't go there to. To see the departure good to be political I want that to be key monetary. So it felt amazing chances of postal what was that you use at the company to discuss that which it was going on the sedition and emailing you know quote a machine but he ticket. When it's also built on the which inhibits a CU ST should do what's in recent vehicle politically don't currently at them because Olson. That zones and at the stoppers missiles but Russian created it to you she will probably want you on new court should sit him you got its yes. At a wrong you know a porno eat and then that was that the kiss them that probably ammo or welcome but this soaps that would exceed. The could you believe me he and acute sitting there and on the. He understands that the course not only to Bill Evans and he just want to prosecute. What to think what he's most important problems in. LG BT. Alive in rush what the most. Important problem. What we can do to result. I'm well I think and the violence towards LG BT people I'm they don't feel safe. But this is something I don't really want to talk about over the phone to appeal to the new tricks or something and I can have a dialogue would the president serious discouraged. And I would welcome that because you know things get done better when you see somebody and you meet them. And Carl both our office is under obedient state where we can convene and have a a really wonderful discussion that model but it will be. But is would be a miracle and it will be fantastic. It will be a dream come true. Citadel comedian doesn't on the me but nobody wanted to keep my CDS as it is up questions to normal until loosely missed the agency he's still with the station has escalated so much it's all but the most of Doug good as gold boom in. So that is if somebody in my. Relatively good Emanuel chief Jean just national city chief defense down when more somebody should not give revenue and we he reached his stomach against him. At the heart of the idea. Visiting him at husky graphic and all yep us that I made to you. Then thus if the teacher but he man give that city due in the Brea. He almost bits of as a more systems indeed it is here was oppose them. It's good idea and it's. He said this tan needs and that's so. Face to face. Without a big. And there. Goes seats. Schedule now ends. This needs. We move finds that Stan in the win which he of these proximity. Measles when there. I tell please tell the president I do not. Not coming in to call Strobl and coming in. Two two choking him on a 121 level. Because some model also Russia and the coast. I just want the humanitarian. Issue to be you know can be made better I am extremely grateful peace reiterated. But that he sound odd to call me. When you schedule so he will be legally. My interest for him council Russia only go around I have. I love Russia it's been part of my license license and the line I just want to make. The situation better if I. Sir Elton zoo and its storms which but he could Tennessee union vehicles to lose so they can keep them terribly and and the postal with. But more chips would each. But a vehement no solution in but almost courtesy of the new war so does not took us some corals from you on which inhibited issues to should use its image to do it though Gordon. He led them on which it city streets in new competitive when it certainly but nobody and we used to you'll condition at the poached some. Yet which now moguls but that's promises to reach it would have been his own CD and named him. Me some. Canceled its meet in organized means and needles away ambler annually. That would be that would be fantastic I'm I sanctioned so much I'm control we will have a great meetings the don't know I just want to make a world about a place special. Cell phones evident that the global from prestigious key he had that would include. When do is in this city shaky anomaly Gates's regional took a that the postal was due its middle. The book Obama made it won't. That they'll consulates to Obama on a WD. You speculative us from the India. Or boom. Keep the on a via. Look at the studies you can ask them Michael probably is. Cover from toward them they're putting in an update EU market but we need teachers to victim at a pretty. He still at the way to go to schooling he product. IDs in the fifth and support adult about. Do things it's. Who the reason people gave aren't in the whimper. I mean that meeting and two. Markings. And it's he asked. I would art art I would like to do that yet but will be a drastic. And he also passed what do anything about. Gave Lawrence in Ukraine where if it was in odious and speaking this. Graced by Nazis. To distribute it was horrible. You know the gate fighting Ukraine that is 260 people. I'm just blotted the ten minutes on the actual saw how bad it if you want me to come to gay pride in Australia welcomed it. Senate opens the most photos blown diva in the opening of blue dress and but I don't think he was pleased with Lucy you in the deep political muscle supplement visits in the premium on the chased him. Not teach at the Bentley of what is some low sodium most of them now estimates that Syria would be humorous and probably human complete its. So president's old soul aids in this time to meet in Webber's shall we can. Discuss everything. Are Chris. That's right you very much to be true that will be one missile. Armed thank you see you're trying to thank you and and I look forward to meeting the president. I'm out again please I can saudis time. He's telling you made my day except. So built on blood of the lethal as the postal do you move the team as a postal on the sleeve but Amos Williams was gonna execute. The longer waits the width of the Ronald Steele would. That thank you so much and president tolls. Uses cookies to. Spray Dayton me it or. You can yes he couldn't save it yes you can say he's told to me of course. On the week to meet and discuss things in the future yet sure and you also can two cents. Can I would do this is a very wonderful moments on. OK thank you thank you. So to Angela it's lissouba slit at the bulls in each it's and onions the world agonized about it.

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{"duration":"10:51","description":"Russian comedy duo \"Vovan and Lexus\" called Sir Elton John, an outspoken LGBT-rights advocate, and posed as the Russian president and his press secretary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33812981","title":"Listen to Elton John Get Prank Called by Radio Host Posing as Putin","url":"/Entertainment/video/listen-elton-john-prank-called-radio-host-posing-33812981"}