Oscar Nominee Lupita Nyong'o Gushes Over Meeting Julia Roberts

In a far-reaching interview with Peter Travers, the Oscar-nominee explains her reaction when cast out of Yale.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Oscar Nominee Lupita Nyong'o Gushes Over Meeting Julia Roberts
Following the -- don't think there's. You'd better yeah. Really. You know time. I think this for mr. -- Medicines that don't even let me know and so -- -- As days. -- -- And gotten. In and day out. On the many many of -- will be could. -- -- He's here. Finally gets its. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome the popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's been a movie that's been happening. Quite a bit now caught twelve -- -- it's nominated for nine Academy Awards. And one of those nominations goes too for best supporting actress who Peter young -- And clever us we have the -- with us right. Look at you and with the -- In fact that nomination does it come with anything the nomination you get -- -- No little not -- you just get. Bill weld hearing -- along with -- -- -- The and I think that's enough and and do what we. And it stood up for got to have the world's hearing it had nothing else but you've also become now. This like red carpet. Icon of fashion sensation. There as well -- -- -- -- been like I mean it's been it's been a lot of fun I've had a great time. I have an amazing stylist and I loved working with she makes it but you know been when you when you don't have the news to -- with it on -- And -- someone. Who you know weeks to come alive. And you things and -- -- to you this will look great on the red carpet and it is but it's not. Well I mean you beautiful so you going to be beautiful whatever happens but. You wearing these clones and people are saying. This year want to be. I mean it's a collaboration that's what it is -- -- but you're wearing the stuff. Yes and and then and thank goodness there's so many design is making. Fabulous clothing in and I feel very lucky to get away and I feel today what that is of these. Problem like events and every playing dress up in you know and you know the only one at the pot he was -- Now everybody everybody -- heavy profit. And you didn't meet all of these people -- -- time -- who you happy is to me. I mean at the list goes on and on that I definitely -- is expected to meet. Kate lands that two it's. DiCaprio. Force which. -- and this just -- could. -- does it ever seemed like too much it's think it wasn't a beacon in the what I did. He would. Reporter roundtable and the with Emma Thompson -- It's full facts and expense. I mean that I remember I walked in the -- and the thanks to people live that way. Julia Roberts and Emma Thompson and I thought I was -- -- and then. I just Pollard I mean it was this it's so severe to have -- there and have been eighteen me as much as I was meeting them. And they took a moment and I sat at night and it just opened at new book and read our lab -- -- it up and over and expect. Are they talking about your performance in the movie when they meet you or did you I mean yes definitely -- -- Kate. That it came up to me at the golden -- and she she she was easily look me and you know that was a big deal to have. My last can appreciate my life because -- read and appreciate Harris and it. Yet so what happens. When this. When the movie had opened late last year and controversy happened and it is it too brutal for people to watch. Is it are people little afraid of it. Do you get that from people that you're meeting saying I want to see your movie but I think it might be too harsh for me to -- That I've definitely got people saying and what I say to them is that the movie takes care it's actually not -- manipulative. Film that's not try to get the best to you. It's me just telling the truth in a very palatable -- because it's. It's very beautiful it's it's well paced and and it's it's -- that it's true and and Steve in this house team makes this film is not sentimental it's not to. You know miniature mountains just. Just the bare -- truth. And so still people that and people have gone to see you tend to act and come back to them be glad -- -- -- So we'll tell those people that you people and they're making mistakes and haven't seen it yet now -- have a chance. Yes the -- it will tell us now. Good pets here is who you're playing I think to come from it you dancing. So patsy is a slave woman -- plantation -- Solomon Northup. Spends most its twelve years and she is. The fastest -- -- -- -- she is an I don't know how she was doing analysts it's 500 pounds on the day. And she's known as the queen of the field but she's also the involuntary slave mistress. -- -- last. Management apps and he expresses his violent. And affectionate but also very extreme days. Yeah well he -- he's basically racist who's in love with somebody. That he's been trying to control. The way Michael. -- this tactic Michael passed but please this tactic he meet season in in an of their human way he's motivated. By a by I love that he doesn't understand in a world that doesn't condone it and so he's in love with this woman but he. Hates himself. Both the Phoenix so he takes it out on Haiti tries to destroy his -- by destroying half. You get this part right after you graduate from me and right hands and OK you your -- and are -- terrified yes. Really yes I was dating and I actually thought the well about three weeks before tragedy to Denton I was. I was maintenance it's of course I mean. I was certain that Steve. Had need to act speak to a Barack knows could again -- he was good at five me. And or just say I'm sorry I doubt them wrong numbers just something to that effect. But you know I had to -- on on my self -- and it's realize that even when I didn't have. The faith in myself -- Steve had -- they need to keep itself. You know and and just do the weapon -- daily basis to. Did -- say to you when he gave you the part. Did he -- did he say this is why am choosing you the -- Well no not explicitly I mean he just said you don't get that Abrahamson and you know I think you need to know -- -- act. Well you know. He's he's been he's been very expressive eyes as to why he chose me. -- in into abuses but. Heat. Heat. One -- he told me about patsy was that he wanted it to be simple not -- and that was something that I carried in something that I wanted. To express just that she's not -- -- trying she's not above it she's not trying to to to be the noble. City she's actually just trying get through and -- deep deep basins. And that has -- the ability of that would be something the Stoughton has the people but not something that she attended by himself. You told me once about -- make up in terms of the scars area and I would really like to tell that story about. How that make -- is put on how you -- that home with you -- yes so. Before that scene was shot that gave the war. We had shot something else which I needed the skies. A previous whipping. The patsy and so it took for about. -- hours to do this -- As a the end of that day that the -- -- for the next day and you couldn't be doing that ethics soaps. And I saw that it was going to be six hours in the makeup -- And I said to use that make -- -- it's kind of devious and listen let me just tickled these guys. And then tomorrow look -- can there's been -- -- we have to do the fast guys. And so I took them home she was very happy with that. Quit that the suggestion. And so I went back to my -- with these guys in. I had a very very tough night to I had trouble sleeping but the anti time we were doing -- up his sleeve but. That particular night lives. It was difficult. And could focus on entities on your back yes -- -- your stomach I was keeping on my Betty and I wouldn't couldn't and I didn't want to. You know. -- -- For fear of having to sit in that makeup chair again. And and it was just hope to you know to have these things on my back and I was weeping in and stuff and then I realized that -- -- It was temporary and the person whom I was plane had discomfort was -- -- publicly blasted. Double. Her whole life. And that just put it into perspective and it Levy disquiet in the end it had me for the next days what can -- that I didn't even -- I needed preparation. What do you think you learn. About. American slavery from doing this -- What did yeah yeah -- so much I mean. Just things that deet tails. The emotional and psychological and statements that is that it's not just physical but you do the fact that someone like. Solomon Northup a speech to a -- talks about it he thought he was. In the battle for his body but it turns out -- he's in the battle for his mind for his soul. And that's that kind of battle that internal battle that breaking and out of character from Libyan. Is something that I have definitely considered very closely. And yeah I mean and -- study this time period and it it's very helpful to see me. Where America is today and -- it is the way the way it is we see evidence and of the effects of slavery every day in what way do you see it. While Jackson -- -- and incarceration. That the how. You know there is -- -- -- majority of black. Men. In prison. These are all things that have something to do with this this very recent us. Yeah and control. In societies in whatever country it is -- mean that seems to be that we. Tried to dehumanize the people we're trying to control and that never going away it just seems to be part of the human condition. Which this movie brings out so well. So you been doing this can you talk a little bit about just growing up. And how and where I mean the -- Doesn't sound like an African name -- no where to sit com. I was born in Mexico lieutenant my pet parents. Wants to give -- a Mexican name in tradition. In the of the new ethnic group and it is customary to name your child up to the events of -- day. And so because I was born in Mexico they sought fit to give me a Mexican. And so would be chosen repeat that because my father's name is pizza and in on language. Two new law means to follows that he thought it was a good -- on -- it's because I followed peaked at the next. So that was the -- The reason whether that particular even -- you didn't know you were involved in an NL in that you didn't know any of that they thought it was cute especially how long did you stay and live in Mexico before -- meant to. I don't. And yet I all my conscious memory with Kenya and from and then I moved back when I was sixteen tenants -- Well repeated we always and this show and song. -- do you just a little snippet of something okay it's important to you that -- all of it here have to -- the whole song. But just -- little bit of some piece of music that means something to. At davis' son like -- think it's nice -- things. -- -- I want to be happy but I won't be happy to and I make you have peaked in. -- kind of can't and you say you the said the sun's -- I want to be happy but -- will be happy to make you happy to in effect that's beautiful. Well and you know Steve McQueen wants his next -- to be music the adding to you about. -- -- It anyway we wish you the best of -- -- I certainly doubt that I wanna see you there holding gold and not just that pop up. -- -- to thank him thank you thank you need.

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{"id":21651062,"title":"Oscar Nominee Lupita Nyong'o Gushes Over Meeting Julia Roberts","duration":"3:00","description":"In a far-reaching interview with Peter Travers, the Oscar-nominee explains her reaction when cast out of Yale.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lupita-nyongo-feared-steve-mcqueen-fire-12-years-21651062","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}