Magic: 'It's Grrrrreat!'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz joins Tony the Tiger and magician Justin Flom for a series of magic tricks.
17:17 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for Magic: 'It's Grrrrreat!'
What's up everybody on the I here at ABC EST EU. That this guy. Started a tiger. Tiger his reason for being compared injustice that all Whitney Justin's mom what's happening amateur magician from Las Vegas athlete of the aren't you need action and Eileen that you have seen districts and YouTube and its flat he's going to be giving them special don't know read here that try and you brought Tony. Because of this special announcement yeah it's really exciting brand New York they've had they haven't changed it but we got a brand new addition to the countless family. Cinnamon frosted flakes. Everything you know about breakfast cereal and talk it out the window now it is the exciting thing I wanted to bring a box but Tony. It will did itself. Tony if you can work out that magic that I touch you see you work out magic moved. Beautiful they have if. Just not okay. Right now did go. You know mortgages. That going through them in front of me. You shepherd Tony. A man I'd. Or. Yeah mascots are tough but that I he will talk soon you gotta just watchers commercials and when he's animated. He's pretty enemy right now at this isn't a member the place now here's the cool thing. And in the great yes that's and this is milk from the local Kellogg's diner right there are in New York. You how much about the psychology and yourself is that it ain't it the right and some people are really weird and they put milk and for the serial. Yeah that's that's a crazy. And it's. Went. He beating you up. Sears deal where Anderson magic tricks. She's tasting that keep tuning him. At the end of this come into my craziest magic trick permanent teach you a magic trick I'll reveal a secret. You know it's not it's not usually allowed. But I'm gonna do it just because picnic and some currently coated and it is but there's a technicality I'll get away with Austria out. I'm. Don't know they're talking to different kinds cinnamon. There from the perfect time this is spam requested it was a team on the Internet. People elect. K frosted flakes are really good he sprinkles in enough. And one guy in particular was like I think 9000 dollars for bowl of frosted place. So it just was this petition online and Tony the Tiger was like you got bro. Pretty cool. So that is that is what's. She reduced some magic tricks. And yes I knew. Exactly just all the steel are. Really good yeah. He kept in fact we we did a video Tony came to Las Vegas and the cool things Kelly's was like hey could we create some magic win. Frosted flakes we specifically top secret at the time cinnamon spots and play so eager and yeah. Oral that's right. They sent and they now it's out tonight now I can talk about but when they presented to me they're like don't let this boxed out that you can't. Let anybody see that you've got it in your brown right. That the other the other cereal mascots right now phenomena or go we know you got an entire. So we created a way to make Tony appeared in my kitchen. By magic in his bid for a new trick I had never done before and it was just really really cool so. That's on frosted flakes FaceBook preys on my FaceBook page check in now. So let's just a magic. Yes. He well he went numb she has no idea what's about to happen you know I I did tell her I just I need like a dollar bill. OK so I said yeah grant your purse. And we didn't center crowd all what's important. He got like a one something that this current. Thank you all and did you grab that's and there are in his out of my sharply here will use a sharp even better yet. Here's you can do you can you put your name right there on the eagle. And more about the packages yeah right there don't worry that this is illegal earnings things nightly news being recorded. I put on the other side you actually that gap will be cameras see it. Beautiful scene out. Why magicians have people put their name and you've seen before right yet you don't either lie because now. It happens. This is your belt yet I can't switch and owned my funky frosted flake might know. None of that attack knowing that you do. Exactly exactly hanging you know you're handling all that I want you to hold tight in your best. That I can't get to it. Perfect right there Tony. What did you reach into the sky watching grabbed handfuls and future. Right there throughout. You feel. At that it can and here's the cool thing I'm freaking. Here and open up your hand I. Put cinnamon. Inside your hand watching just to see this. Now and doesn't look like anything's changed rate. That's your name still on your dollar bill right. This is where it's really interest. I can come here it. Can you feel right there. What do you feel it. Oh look it's not. How many US. Few of the bill is that that's two dollar bills glued together that's one dollar bill you that there's. In the mid Eden diet that dollar bill are you can. You sign both sides want the audience is to be able to see these and both sides there but actually. Liked how on earth. It appears there really don't have I don't see how. The interesting thing and want you to be able to keep your bill. Ever do you want to show everybody. Cinnamon sugar inside. Your bill. I am. How did you do my name is still on both sides. At. I. Meant anything. Yes. I didn't telling the producers how much of a mess out Maine justice this frosted flakes and cinnamon everywhere. Tommy thought Mena. It. The cool thing is. Kelly just loves magic so they've been incorporating magic and a so they had me do some really cool pieces of magic I want to show you. One of my favorites that's my pick. The bizarre isn't gonna keep me up tonight thank you for. It's keeping I'm doing mind. Had them ask you do you trust me. Yeah yes kind of she's unsure. I should tell it's Britney Alan yeah she shouldn't trust me if we just met reckon with a camera came so. You don't know it's about them but just. He's into this this is going to be weird. Trust me I mean Tony the Tiger is doing exactly that yeah I think Ari you're just like this and they got anyone you like. Jack we're gonna draw lines that big one with some white space maybe something to be drawn into can. It yeah totally three clubs he could show them. Can you pull it ABC news on it or your signature anywhere Twitter handle whatever you. Beautiful write this I'm. You put a little smiley face of them is full of flour to see you know that I couldn't duplicated that yeah anyway. I'm catching and there it. Yeah here's the weird question. Powered askew Q would you be able to put this card from out. It's weird question problem clip at full pressure here in the cameras see this okay powerful look like that's ought to be able that. Yeah like this willful once. In twice just let this end. In your teeth you hold on the whole thing just Mickey just yet you keep us perfect. That's a bubbly ABC news we're gonna do it again for me I'll get a random card like. Ten chemical mining and on the ten of hearts tank Johnston. Flock. C about. It and that hand goes in my house. I can't. And. Yeah. You don't have. You is that. Keeping that Britain would be immediately needed tricked yes how on earth. That's the main question is how how does something like that happen Tony you know. Some. Coat he's not done just stand it are you kidding me pretty crazy right. If you break the is and the dollar bill under your pillow tonight in the morning the B hundred dollars. Can she doesn't believe balance definitely not gonna try. Here in the tree and we ain't hitting. Just don't teach young going to get it right. Wouldn't people doing tricks and they do exactly what she does not they an early just. Some people want to know how things work it's behind every great achievement man has ever made. So the good thing that they want to know is how curiosity but you can literally. And to eat next and I'm really gets. That's just. Okay. I go out there you want peace but you wonder when I want alert yet so we'll tell you he PT one. There will teach them at home movie illegal. You'll see him back. See kind of how this thing works usually. Two members of India and India. Here here's that is a classic magic. We take. Handkerchief for whatever put it in here this. That's what's close. Magic man turns into you and me. It's cool trick Osce let this thing. Oh in the back of the egg I now. With the news it was hidden in my hand I'll show you how to do it Keck will teach you how to do it some urine are very bombed to find out that matters not real. So I got bad news for you by isn't. Popular in this is you know or it's a wooden ache okay. Now wooden things are to come as the courts. Which didn't like did you that's okay but still like the magic tricks here all according yeah Tony hundreds of solar either reduced interest. The bag can hide it in your fist just like that now I'm gonna show you I've got another day. And another hanky have been we're gonna do this together and act so here it goes this is hidden here in the hands you see that OK and camera. And then this thing goes this here's that after a part of it and here's what was so receptive when you run pinky through the hand. The brain just assumes that if and yet when you're stroking out what you do is you put that abandoning into the hole in the could do that now yeah putting it Sweden Finland at the natural cac. I'll teach you there's a special advanced ending how luxuries. That top. Yeah you can stuff from the top from the back whenever you like. And then. Match move. Excellence and and show everybody the I know there it is now. Obviously. We can't do the trick people behind you otherwise achieve all Toledo I mica. I've taught you trek. Steals the wonder wonder you felt first saw a game yeah but I'm a journalist like more information you don't you be teaching goes to tell you what here want to see the whole. Once you see the whole. I want to give you back even their journalist. Might give you back some of them wondered if it. What just happened in the last two minute. What other Haggan. Tony loved it out here is being at the temperature. Justice. Mom ladies and gentlemen I have no words that crazy rights. This is written. That actual. Yep I'm. Took you guys are turning him you can check out. Tony until we're going to be one more organ in my favor when the craziest one is the one heart. Eating really through this next one what that was my first ever appearance on television. I was on Allen's show. And she called and she said first bought his district character. Yes and no she's okay can do and show you so review that when next but be sure to follow Tony on Twitter is Seagram FaceBook. Frosted flakes and me. Justin flop. On Twitter incident FaceBook all that good stuff can you put a lot I checked there Q that's right storm worm it's a new generation of magic so we take. Magic and like put it out immediately. Whereas a guy like. David Copperfield. He would work years and years and years and you have to go see him live right before it's filmed here's later for television it's a lot faster. It's just you're standing a foot away from somebody and yet it can't tell you that power and this is just I grew up with a my dad was a magician. And my uncle and Irvin magic for him so from the age of two I was jumping in and out of magic boxes I don't remember most my childhood that he's spent. The self. Do. It. That's really good said the thing here is. I was at being illusionist. With the big box is ending June you know it's again I knew it was I wanted to do but also sentenced with the social media culture. That things were going away from his being Las Vegas style boxes and going to. Things than with ordinary objects frosted flakes money cards. Mintz. Adamant. Not a hint or anything just open it up. Get ready to share the video quit the case there's going to be ala. Credit. Want to see what we're trying to do. He's put the men's backing our. In my drop. Here's neck. Cut these headphones. Yet current or. Never come out on tingle like pessimism and that's the first measure cricket. Am. I. Old man aren't on disease what. That. Let media. It's that it's imminent Anita just your guts. Thank you guys for watching I'm just Islam that's Tony the Tiger. That cinnamon frosted flakes. And she's mixed. The Tony for being here. John Dunning. Jet project. Thank you for reading. And throughout and it turned out I think it to hear from more will be back to care.

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