Making of a monster in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

ABC News' Clayton Sandell takes a look at the special effects that went into creating the movie's "summa-verminoth."
5:18 | 09/30/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Making of a monster in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'
I think it plays and Alex ABC news here in San Francisco and we figured that now that the movie so low a Star Wars story is out on dvd we were. Out of the spoiler zone and we could come here to the headquarters of Lucas film and industrial light and magic and kind of pull back the curtain on some of the amazing special effects in this movie I'm a huge Star Wars fan I love this stuff so I wanna take you inside. And Kabila. And a really good feeling to. I read the scripts for actors and I got for the castle Rock Island and it had to stop that you just never know what you're gonna get when you read the script and I was really excited. We have this big moment where Atlanta Falcons play for a what a great place to put a big slumbering. Sea monster and one of the names we came up with what space of course. When Ron Howard join project. Wouldn't put it like it's like space monsters something without some space monsters secretaries of his boxers. We knew we want is the big and scary but I'll have thought well I'll call witnesses that don't think it. The gnashing teeth and tentacles. There's this whole progression of the falcon. Going from. Land those beautiful pristine ship to what we see if the very end. He needed to get rid. The nose of the falcons have this reveal of hey there's the silhouette of talking with Elmo loves. Call on the dean who Hong was thinking quick on his toes. Hits the eject button only at. And allows our creature to be distracted just for moments or heroes can get away. That's why did EB. Get the script we have a description we have to figure out. How are going to take that description and turn into vigils James client and his teen and Eric Pratt with the space monster. Get involved sector in the designs we then passes. Sunny teen bottlers and they'd start Q. Create this. Five mile long monster. We have 42 race eight major technical 24 minus technical what does that have to be so complex. This meeting are. You know you never drive them like twelve mile per hour. What you want to keep your client tension. In this complex yet not letting me that was read enough. Giant right miles long and so that that. Both of lieutenant. Glucose that following ideas will what happens to our big guy. When he gets sucked into this gravity well. I was down an Alley with Ron and the team was up here in ten Francisco needed jolt. Member let me do it. Are so we were right in the middle looking at what we've done in Damascus. Geographic don't flush ripped off the last second to thieves stole from. The Broncos argued yet laughs and we think I thought his laugh was like oh that's too gross everybody in the room kind of goes Kamal as exactly. And in the monsters answer. And then about a minute later wrongfully. Sleep. Overs monster. Did. Vote world club. You know honestly that revealing his skull piece please after Atlanta. Yeah. I want it. The courtroom of course way to go day and because not only with that are really fun idea also like probably the hardest possible thing. Game's gonna come up because. When you do that of course you start modeling it's ultimately airing all the layers of flesh and muscle on top and then put the skin back on the top secret apartment from Lynn. So. A ton of extra time to get all that worked on but everybody acts with the idea and pulled off. I'm. It's really boils down to aid a team extremely creative. People who just make it happen. I think the council run as it is honestly this one of the biggest challenges in their 41 of the biggest rewards it was one of those things that. It started literally with a blank piece of paper and I think the payoff is this has off Clarence crane.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell takes a look at the special effects that went into creating the movie's \"summa-verminoth.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58188787","title":"Making of a monster in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'","url":"/Entertainment/video/making-monster-solo-star-wars-story-58188787"}