Mariah Carey says 1 good thing came from 'Idol'

Carey judged the competition in back 2013 alongside rapper Nicki Minaj.
1:34 | 06/07/18

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Transcript for Mariah Carey says 1 good thing came from 'Idol'
Lot of rich he is a friend of yours correct yes tonight he's performing in Las Vegas as well. OK yeah we we did a tour together he did it toward together yet and we ended up bumping into each other everywhere wet is it true that you told him not to do American Idol when he was thinking about whether or not he should judges. If I didn't that's at half. OK. I don't know. Five doing everything going while yeah. He's doing yeah I really I don't know I. Other Wear tight line the saints' days their. The great press that led to an end and you're up all night in the middle of the night he probably wakes up at 6 o'clock in the morning right thanks so I don't know I think line will probably wakes up parolee he's everybody's doing pretty well from south that's right yeah I think you know he's he's on the ceiling at all let's. That that it still this show that began its arch July 5. At Caesars palace only Canada's Clara bio yes erupting at my own promotion go ahead. I just act I was saying that minorities in would be a great judge I would just say I didn't have the world's best expo I think everybody got knocked out. Doesn't taste this neglect and yet that's it you're able to take things out of what was the worst part of being a judge in America. I'll say the best part of some of the means that we got. Means. Got like. Who I. The benefit is leaked out that we experience. The go back there Harris & Harris. We'll figure the positive of kept my hair styles.

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{"id":55715617,"title":"Mariah Carey says 1 good thing came from 'Idol'","duration":"1:34","description":"Carey judged the competition in back 2013 alongside rapper Nicki Minaj.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mariah-carey-good-thing-idol-55715617","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}