Mariah's 30-Pound Weight Loss

Us Weekly's Erica Souter on the latest Hollywood stories.
5:22 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Mariah's 30-Pound Weight Loss
Hollywood buzz seems to be in overdrive this week with Oscar drama and more celebrity baby news. We've asked us weekly's -- -- -- give -- a roundup of the top stories making headlines right now Erica thank you finish for joining a little author of it seems that Brett Ratner who was all that to reduce that now I'm -- -- while promoting his -- tower -- he made it very insensitive comment. And it just threw an instant firestorm arm he's resigned his -- -- Oscar producer and he apologized to the public. My goodness. The first time that a couple of racy things that have gotten in and have some trouble -- reevaluate. He doesn't hold this time he's a -- out there guy he pops off the -- -- people like them but this time it's gotten in trouble still but the -- -- -- as planned but that Eddie -- will still hopes he will help that's hearing and that everything should go off quite well. But is there are new things are lined up yet not yet they have released it will be but academy said they thought that -- Britain's decision to take himself out of the shadow. With good for everyone involved -- the academy certainly been trying to argument back and now they have. Madonna and now it seems that her latest single gimme all your love it. Is trending on Twitter right now right -- -- single was leaked on the Internet at an early version of Tim -- and not completed yet and so people are buzzing about it they say it's going to -- -- -- a lot of the pop that we used to from Madonna very catchy. But the of the final version which we -- wasn't like him until February. Will include in my -- and -- not so. Worst -- little upset at the final version. Is not what's out there so are they going you have to wrath or mountain noticed a lot about what they're going to do now -- I think that this is when her Madonna outweigh the album at all -- people want to hear it. You know you're talking about us because people seem to like what they've heard so far absolutely I don't Mariah -- -- cover story that some photos of her looking -- how many pounds he added I think it's an amazing exclusive us weekly has the right here Houston thirty -- padding her twins rock en -- we have the first look at her amazing body and great pictures of the -- as well she worked really hard of course -- no stranger to -- battles -- been up and down three years. Part of herself she used -- -- To get back into shape and she's doing walking and -- aquatic acrobatics. She's really focused on line. Being complete snaps with the feeling that mind body -- letting me mom. -- she says she's a natural -- just. Born to do this course we also look for as a singer it's great to see her composer him in moments of being another celebrity mom Tori Spelling avenue -- -- -- apparently that's right. -- Margaret at her new baby girl actually Torre was told us that she thought I was going to be -- -- they didn't find out before the delivery. -- decorated the room integrating LO they were all set for another boy and surprise hit -- -- names without. I. Nanny from her town nanny interesting. Fact that -- that many Americans have her mother. And Al Hindi wouldn't -- -- -- -- I don't know really market was a big part of where his life and my second mom to rat and I -- -- -- even thinking important. Maybe I'm not a hospital she was thinking I want to do this again but she wants -- her own time. And how'd you know that feeling complete with a three kids before -- is on beating number for another half a mom. Now look on cue kin and presses divorced right and me we knowing -- stop talking about it. It seems that man is genuinely -- Pratt she is she did not expect this backlash in the past a lot of nasty headlines out there. A lot of jokes at her expense and late night he hit me -- -- -- isn't. And headlines and so she's sad about it actually meet -- trip to person's home. Town in Minnesota to talk to him -- -- just want this to get nasty she wants let them know that. She's not trying to vilify Chris but they were unhappy it wasn't gonna work out -- me to -- why now what is -- is -- in the last statement he made that I will do whatever it takes to make my -- the war. Well you know her friends tell us that -- knew that divorce was coming just to know when it was going to file and that he was not trying to make marriage work that can -- for all of 72 days to talk to him to Dallas and -- gave him. With the program and -- work on this marriage and he was more interested apparently in. -- in the clubs and relishing his newfound fame -- something just wasn't. That he was not I guess the man. She thought bright bright it is hard to have your relationship under the microscope every -- and -- is very addictive innings having a lot of fun. And I just let them attack was there and happy and as an -- that that she said that she did not activists as -- -- -- and their friends back her up on that they -- -- Why would she look at the back she really wanted to this if you are sent to explain. A little longer and divorce and more appropriate that point all right Erica Sierra thank you rob -- rate.

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{"id":14917371,"title":"Mariah's 30-Pound Weight Loss","duration":"5:22","description":"Us Weekly's Erica Souter on the latest Hollywood stories.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mariahs-30-pound-weight-loss-14917371","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}