Mario Lopez, Marathon Man

The TV host gets ready to run in his first NYC marathon.
3:50 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Mario Lopez, Marathon Man
He's an actor -- TV host doting dad and marathon man. Mario Lopez as one of thousands of runners who are taking part in the 2011 ING New York City Marathon this weekend. And he's taken some time off from training to join us -- Mario welcome vacancy. To see if things for me that this is not your birth there it's not my first marathon -- my first New York City Marathon. And I'm really sad about as I'm here in just the coolest things that ever really. Supports and issued in his musical on the way who -- -- -- and I've decided to see me or that way what are the other marathon again what did Abbas and in the San Diego and triathlon. And different long bike rides climbing fitness and I -- -- -- -- -- human life and being the boys and girls clubs fitness ambassador. And also on the president's council has been silent pact would preach I think -- -- -- was Senecal for themselves -- -- -- for. And closing out the year with the you're seeing there on in my friends over Motorola and -- really easy. Because in his -- device and I am a candidate -- this is called the moto active in this his -- -- -- like my personal trainer in DJ. At the same time. Favorite tunes go through there might tune don't hear from my stats go -- -- who does he go to right -- hit that I can see. If I -- what my -- is the distance that calories are burned. All the vital stuff that you need and then also -- my playlist ago -- that the music read their band had contacted played -- no optical -- I Wear my or your word and you can you you know -- that. And you it has all the to -- playlist and stuff see that you play ended determines what music. Motivates you the most so I need to pick my -- little -- -- just -- over Middle East -- was here that -- to listen a little lights and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who might. Yeah how often do you train everyday you're out running everyday. I'll try to and it normally try to do a little something every game -- they take Sunday's -- but I think it's important try to break a sweat. Every day night. That your sister is and isn't quite a bit of -- but -- priority in my life and I'm trying to help other families to make a priority and there's -- your health should be your top priority. And is -- more important than that and Natalie just if physically. But but. Everything else I think it it complements my lifestyle and and helps Regis do you stress and just feel better and have more energy anyway you are doing so much. That -- You've got a new baby girl she. How he's she's awesome to have -- -- -- Few. -- we just had. Our first Halloween. Death -- constant changes -- first she was. Meaning mounts. And then she later changed to be part of the Star Wars. Family we had -- my dog was yoga. She was princess -- It was a yes -- like are -- loving polite. He's Lori. Three more just -- because obviously a person you're ready to go with parade on our again and so. You got extra you've got you know America's best dance crew any other projects or can tell us just you know focus -- on -- that right now -- via. On the marathon of course at and also an author with books Olympic extra lean the excuse -- ensuing series with -- -- For folks in the individual -- -- -- -- household. And then for G. My daughter. Wrote a book more of the review which is children's book as a gift to her but how -- -- anyway yeah yeah yeah yeah that are -- -- -- I -- the president the upper right so. Great wheel Mario but thank you so much for talking with us and good luck and enhance not weekend appreciate things and --

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The TV host gets ready to run in his first NYC marathon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14884249","title":"Mario Lopez, Marathon Man","url":"/Entertainment/video/mario-lopez-marathon-man-tv-host-first-new-york-city-nyc-marathon-entertainment-14884249"}