Mark Wahlberg Delivers Philadelphia's Weather Report

"Good Day Philadelphia" viewers were treated to the "Broken City" star's seven-day forecast.
0:48 | 01/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Wahlberg Delivers Philadelphia's Weather Report
Mark Wahlberg is a man of many talents in a career in music Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch course he's an accomplished actor his latest films called broken city. Did you know though he's a weatherman. Wahlberg and broken city director -- he stopped by the fox -- -- studios in Philadelphia all the promote their film. The news team -- them for a different job. And however that some dangerous weather here. Sunday sixty degree -- just like spring with a low of 43. Mild showers expected on Monday and then we have clouds and rain and sixty Sloan told the -- temperatures. Are still hanging in there. You don't -- to get a forecaster him you better does believe piazza of the traffic report Philly accent and all free custom back to the anchors -- this like a pro. Mark -- broken cities in theaters January 18.

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{"id":18183263,"title":"Mark Wahlberg Delivers Philadelphia's Weather Report","duration":"0:48","description":"\"Good Day Philadelphia\" viewers were treated to the \"Broken City\" star's seven-day forecast.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mark-wahlberg-delivers-philadelphias-weather-report-18183263","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}