Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez Show Us 'The Way'

Father and son talk about finding your path through spirituality.
4:36 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez Show Us 'The Way'
It was quote. For over. Who his very first. We look. -- -- -- You have to kind of get what take like what's given you and the -- -- -- -- about -- being in life. Being. Involved. You know jumping into the poster -- that is the fifth beatle come and join us for your backpack on or not just be part of -- -- part of our community. And there's there's not too many films that celebrate. Faith and community and -- these days -- -- stuff is coming at a Hollywood slot crap. And we know we've been in something enough I think. So so you know an opportunity comes along to you to climb a little higher in the tree. And -- -- grabbed that low hanging fruit which is pessimism cynicism. Gephardt fruits Weirton. He was better to. -- -- mostly about charity and and I -- so accidents synchronicity between the idea of this project and how you met. The father Luis internally -- -- -- Foundation -- I feel we're on the plane David and we're going to. From. London to Madrid and this gentleman walks up to me but twenty minutes before we landed and he said what ever happened to that film you're making on the communal and -- said. How do you really -- that this is my knee injury and though. -- Gonzales and I was. On the commune with my family. When you guys were shooting and look at check out our website my son and daughter created this foundation called walkabout and which is responsible for getting. -- through. The heavy duty wheelchairs. To developing countries that have no proper paved -- -- rough -- rather Rough Riders that's right show. -- -- check amount. So that began that chance meeting on that plane thinking in this connection to the family and tonight we're here in New York -- to benefit premiere for walkabout presidential. -- presidents -- well Rolando apparently and President Clinton went to school together trying Hedrick. -- and I think the whole family is very last time I'm very intrigued by mr. Carroll Carolina and Lewis who listens to car accident on seventeen years ago became paralyzed and I think it's it's great you guys are supporting you want about foundation because we're so close with stem cell research to actually putting an end to sterilization due to -- -- language is very very close. So if there were excited again and again it's just one of those near Lagos that -- happened during the course of of this entire production. Police say that this journey this -- is is the spiritual journey so to speak whether you intended that way did you find it more intense. Emotionally or physically. My dad -- from here he grew up about eighty kilometers from sloppy so I was familiar with the coming. And I always had this woman in the U doing -- still. Think it really -- -- -- -- camera with telephone. Just with a stick and and my own Pulitzer. That we get about. 350 to four kilometers during the filming it. Now we started which audiences when she started and take -- before and we ended on the other side of sending -- an accomplishment in machine. So and we were we took the crew along along the journey -- like having. Leads by example. On that -- -- -- full of it. And he walks the walk. And I know that there are a lot of people in our business who show up at the -- who you know have the talking points. Who you know are out there just to simply promote themselves. And they don't really have a sense of of what they're doing this is a guy that goes where the cameras are not. And gets arrested when the cameras are there or -- most times in our investigative office which is really impressive things. We do for yourself because you cannot not do it and he yourself. That that's -- as the apple the tree well I work on the grant that athletic trainer of yes or well find. You know I -- the only thing I -- team who have achieved in this lifetime is too liberal and. And that's when I'm working they were all working that every day. -- -- went immediately as paranoia you know.

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{"id":14935798,"title":"Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez Show Us 'The Way'","duration":"4:36","description":"Father and son talk about finding your path through spirituality.","url":"/Entertainment/video/martin-sheen-emilio-estevez-show-us-14935798","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}