Scorsese: 3-D 'You Talkin' to Me?'

Find out which movies from the filmmakers past he would remake in 3-D.
6:37 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Scorsese: 3-D 'You Talkin' to Me?'
-- -- -- -- -- -- the only one. Did you ever think back on one of -- -- -- would have liked to have 3-D if you -- gone back quote -- such a crazy person about 3-D optimal. But the -- a minor -- -- sure imagine that taxi driver and three. -- talking to me would be but towards the north but for frivolous contract because what happens with the 3-D and you go I think. Is interesting because the actors become. Try to immerse the audience into the story rather than having to look into a box of -- And see them far away at -- the -- folks -- And conversion vehicle in space and -- Their company's real tree. And so that's what -- -- -- -- -- -- It's literally like watching them on stage and close well I think what I see in your films and -- I respond to -- films is that there's always. A good film there's always some kind of occasion of seen in public what -- there's something about seeing one. That's kind of disreputable. In -- west -- toward. Yes -- right here even in Hugo even in this family movie we see. Damage doing being done to Vietnam's of the week I'll absolutely yeah that -- turned into shoes at the celluloid melted -- -- have funneled into it. Yeah this happen all the time there's there's a terrific documentary the clutch liberals have called IV she. Which he took propaganda films made by the -- Nazis when -- occupying France. Very upbeat. Voice over particularly. -- 11 in which they -- the melting down -- celluloid film. In two shoe polish. And they show everybody leash on issues and the line from the voice overs just thank you had your favorite movie -- smiling up at you from issue. Everything if you look at another way it's all -- Every -- -- -- dialing up the camera. It's brilliant effort against the other element in all of you rumors -- -- -- -- -- -- got time. You can just what does it mean it's done these documentaries now although getting with the last Paulson and -- now had Dylan and George Harris Harris what's driving need to do -- Like it I think. It the past ten years the the feature films I decided to make him. But for each one for different reasons took me to a certain place in -- way. Because so far -- the documentaries or these other films. Where there was the series. Producer. Secretary films but the blues. Particularly the -- no direction home Bob Dylan. And then this living in the material world George Harrison. There's -- release states -- -- took my time. Who -- and and Thelma and maker my editor features -- and may be documentaries on the Italian cinema and American cinema. The data today asking -- the editor on. Bob Dylan blues channel like Rolling Stones concert and and George Harrison and so we didn't really have a release it's like Goldman work -- with Dominic Garcia David. And what was happening is that that the music itself. If something has been very very. Inspirational for me music itself as a part of your life as a part of my like -- what music part of your -- now at right now it's it's it's some new. Rock music some but primarily that you old Arcade Fire. A -- That a number of others but. But it but I don't really listen to all the time because basically I was there McEnroe hit 195354. It happened you know I was there when it was. Little Richard and Fats Domino and Chuck Berry Pressley. And then -- what else what what what is new. What is new to me to -- year so I mean the people mentioned I think very interest. There are others of course and again. But the music is very very much the music static classical music. I'm just I'm disinterested in the past and the future and how you cut reflected in its reflected in Hugo and music is how we always -- -- -- And I always wanted to ask -- He could sing a little bit but I wanted to ask you -- yet don't look at nun and a you know a little bit. What's the best movie song. This movie so. Mean theme song no I don't mean -- I do not get away with a song that's from a movie even if it's an all time goes by pol -- Interest. You must be humming along to the music you. And took good when. He's going to be musical he could be anything. Oh. Our department about the score that stays in my head of this extraordinary scores as -- -- these musicals to. My daughter and her friends. Is the score from high society -- -- Samantha. Little one. Can't give -- a little of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I'm I'm I'm I'm trying to month. Now right the one I'm gonna do not have a marketed to which -- -- -- I'm gonna do -- is the theme song from adventures of Haji Bob. No that's right you -- yeah they were laughing at high -- hi hey you -- it's now been restored. And you probably did it. I -- On it. If it was this it. It's really smacked can call come -- cold does it it's a fabulous thoughts on what you know what's not hold even though he gave me -- it did not happy pocket while we're gonna do here because I know. That's happening picture earth yes it is your right and that and we all please do I don't know -- Happy. -- -- you know patents are back isn't it true. Yeah. Happy birthday -- body. And your -- That. Everybody had their holiday it's great.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"Find out which movies from the filmmakers past he would remake in 3-D.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15074359","title":"Scorsese: 3-D 'You Talkin' to Me?'","url":"/Entertainment/video/marty-scorsese-talking-15074359"}