Marvel Comics Heroes Slug It Out

Brian Bendis and Jason Aaron preview the epic "Avengers vs X-Men" comic book.
3:00 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marvel Comics Heroes Slug It Out
Time for an exclusive first look at a major Marvel Comics event. The two biggest teams in the marvel universe the avengers MEX men slug it out in the upcoming -- -- avengers vs X-Men. It promises to shake up the comics world here's Dan -- with more. Comic book superheroes turned. Box office heavyweights the avengers and the X-Men. Now these super teams are squaring off in a twelve issue comic book series from marvel. That promises to be epic. The huge story right. And you know -- we're we're going to places that fans are not not gonna expect that we're gonna go to. The reason they're fighting the return of a familiar face to comic book readers that cosmic force known as the Phoenix. Writers Brian Michael bandits and Jason Aaron Thomas big fight scenes. A lot of fans are very rabid about who's faster who stronger whatever -- -- any kind of -- on this. Jeremy you can't do avengers vs X-Men without doing some some headlights -- -- fans are gonna expect some there's loads of that. You know in this book. Very admit they may have gotten out little carried away during the creative process. On the method -- so what I had a guy dress up like Captain America and is not applied for -- want to look at Hillary. We just while this and result that is that we've never mentioned. I think people -- -- -- investment army. Writers also say that fans who just know these heroes from the movies will still be able to follow the action in the comics. We -- -- I'll sign. Serving both audiences if you -- an obvious that follows this every week. And Andy. Will be reading and -- a level that speaks to them. We're just coming in -- they just wanted to excited about people. -- -- -- And first issue of avengers vs X-Men hits comic shops on April 4.

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{"id":15786076,"title":"Marvel Comics Heroes Slug It Out","duration":"3:00","description":"Brian Bendis and Jason Aaron preview the epic \"Avengers vs X-Men\" comic book.","url":"/Entertainment/video/marvel-comics-heroes-slug-15786076","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}