Marijuana - Weeds of Change

Mary Louise Parker gets candid on the smoking debate.
2:24 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Marijuana - Weeds of Change
Reads -- years ago when he was kind of still like agent immediately and -- about it. You on a really a cult show helps it feel now that the -- You know and several seasons and we it is becoming legalized. Can you really can't believe it's even picked -- the pilot you know and I -- seven years later here. I've watched you know the boys -- -- and my son's wish. We've been together for so nice he believed minutes. And we've really isn't such such a big deal. Now been pretty much everywhere he has energized they're -- Catholic and they don't -- Thank you I think what's more shocking is somebody who doesn't do but I don't really. -- not -- that's attractive to me. Really mean anything makes -- Space here -- my warm and -- it is implemented yet and I. Characteristics aren't -- definite. But you know they're being -- fun and I know a lot of people who -- Minnesota. Minutes from now on any useful mountain. And I would do it if I needed it you know violence act. Absolutely secure I think another thing cuts -- forcing -- it is all these states in America fiscal problems. And why not make it legal why not tax the amount of money that you can bring -- from taxing it and making it legal would. Change allowed fiscal issues there would be such a positive thing and so many levels house because it's you know and when anything is sound. Contraband and it's attacks two you know illegal. Behavior. So many there's so much blood on mining and exchange you now and there's so much corruption and there are so many people that -- that are. You know that are are tortured as a result to drugs and narcotics units and they all that into -- -- -- -- something I join you yes night. Should be a step removed it. You can parenting problems were and you can drink probably and -- accident and we shouldn't we should put them all together in the same category at night. And -- easy it's just about managing people -- Which you know any time something. People obviously think --

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{"id":15459828,"title":"Marijuana - Weeds of Change","duration":"2:24","description":"Mary Louise Parker gets candid on the smoking debate.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mary-louise-parker-marijuana-weeds-showtime-tv-15459828","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}