This is How a Teddy Bear Scares Men

Clutch the Bear mascot does his part to keep Houston Rockets players on their toes.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for This is How a Teddy Bear Scares Men
We always thought the idea of a team's mascot is to represented -- fire up the crowd basically support the team. That is -- -- we're talking about the mascot had to Houston Rockets let's clutched the -- -- -- this is. The good when the inflatable bear caused some problems such her -- -- compact -- Staring players as they left here -- some players genuinely seem to be cut by surprise oh my goodness. Weapons and equipment. I actually didn't start Dwight Howard yeah they lost control of his -- Howard and most of the others laughed it off after they've realized. -- don't -- Genuine reaction to salute the candidate at high risk areas. -- that happens to me out -- Hogan and I'm gonna -- That is that's awesome and I remember on the holiday they headed. The Christmas tree or something like that that if there was actually -- person of the I was jumping out and scaring people but the reaction might happen but it does this because look legitimate all the world and listen this is. Background that's Dwight Howard he's one of the most dominant offensive players in the NBA -- yeah seven -- -- One all he's done competitions. At about attending meetings at his phone and ask god concept -- -- -- that.

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{"id":21487184,"title":"This is How a Teddy Bear Scares Men","duration":"3:00","description":"Clutch the Bear mascot does his part to keep Houston Rockets players on their toes.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mascots-moves-freak-nba-players-21487184","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}