Damon and Crowe: Team Up Was A Long Time Coming

Why the time was right for the Oscar winners to work together.
6:24 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Damon and Crowe: Team Up Was A Long Time Coming
You know. Some times when you need -- twenty seconds. Have been thinkers just literally twenty seconds but just in serious and critically. And Crocs. Something couldn't -- that. There's a line that you patents that. Sounds a lot like you and me and I don't wanna get it wrong but it's all you really need these 22 -- -- courage to do something. Teams knew a great definition of the movie business who quit over that moment where you say I'm going to do that. I'm I'm worried but -- committed to it now and says this is it whether -- go off the -- or not it can happen. Fame and relationships -- and in every ten minutes. We talked about that that it's very it's it's it's it's terrific advice that advice I'll give -- my kids in if you can push through that moment that's making UC's. There's always something wonderful line on the other side of it even if things don't go the way you plan. Something good is gonna come of you're working through that difficult moment. Well we talked about you looking at Cameron's. But we haven't really talked about -- In what you've seen that work. That means you want to connecting. I always connected to I'd I'd come knocking before. But this one felt like them to see -- that -- in the way he spicy. But I think he -- that that I was I was thinking about it and it would just be wonderful kind of link up the words with the way he's able to -- -- -- which I've found that's. That's everything. When you when you lose that it's -- And it's it's a humans talking to you up there and -- -- -- in denial little bit about how the rhythms of stuff that I've written should be done. Because it's a slightly heightened version of reality but not too much so it always should feel like real life and you know when -- When you're hearing something that's real not written. And Matt makes it real and I felt that all movies it's. And you kind of watched. As as a as a guy who's who's doing that. And you go away to have that kind of assistance in bringing the story. You know with with the you can't take your eyes off -- kind of retro rocket that's that's hitting all the time. It was a dream come true. Because if it feels like life -- half -- there is there a moment. Maybe not even Holstein 32 minute and something that really think if you personally about watching him in them. Absolutely and it's the argument that breaks out between father son and it just gets utterly real and strong and raw. And and it strikes to the heart of fathers and sons. That to mean -- always be one of the great moments from this movie. And it just it happens because. He and Colin -- the young actor playing his son we're just in the zone. And we we we went it was like a -- going out further further further mostly just watching it go. And that's -- you make movies when it was done -- -- -- We did something there you know we've -- -- -- I love the. The writing in that scene is is I always find that if if I if I can't remember my lines. Something's wrong with -- Friday night in my mind body is trying to do something else and the Scripps trying to get me to do them. And so if I. I -- often if I can't remember lines in the same place and this was the type of scene that that it was it felt like I read it once and I never had to look at it again it was just there just tumbled out. The way and and it's that thing that you know as a parent you get out of control -- with the people that you love the most you can get to that place where. You know the argument just kind of rages beyond your control and there is a -- screen direction that he put in. Kind of two thirds into this thing where where -- just start to lose it would fit with with my kid and it just said just pissed. It we already gotten this right now I'm yelling you know it feels good head bitten in -- Great -- BI and every one -- asking the same question every. Even all your directors who cameraman David do this yet but it's always song. It's always a -- -- little bit of a song that's in your head. And we go out musically -- That's like willing quietly -- what is wrong you know what is it you could start because you are just simply musical. -- well. I'll say because. -- -- -- last night was from Tiffany's and feeling breakfast business that -- him rapper I don't wanna say that I'm. -- -- Creative. So up to -- known among. No I don't have a right. And articulate than -- regular whatever the feeling in this -- to -- -- feeling was there. Wider than a mile wider than a mile the tighter than in my life than a month -- Something anything to the office. Yeah well we have a -- of songs that Smith. I I got in that I get in the habit I realized when I won my first you know my five year old was born. That I was gonna have to sing these songs a lot. Right and so I just made the decision. Very early on in my lullabies -- be songs that I loved. So I would saying imagine. And blowing in the wind. I think you know U2 songs you sing like a lullaby from him and and the kid doesn't know the difference -- probably sang imagine -- -- -- -- -- -- Imagine you know -- -- it's -- and future no. You know -- us owns. Imagine. People. Live. Fools -- thing. -- -- Thought got to -- -- at about the area -- ever and I felt that Matt think so -- things better. -- that was great.

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{"id":15223154,"title":"Damon and Crowe: Team Up Was A Long Time Coming","duration":"6:24","description":"Why the time was right for the Oscar winners to work together.","url":"/Entertainment/video/matt-damon-cameron-crowe-bought-zoo-team-long-15223154","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}