Matthew Lillard Takes The Helm

Actor turns director for 'Fat Kid Rules The World.'
3:00 | 10/04/12

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Transcript for Matthew Lillard Takes The Helm
You know him from his memorable roles in movies like scream Scooby Doo and the descendants now Matthew -- is making the transition from actor to director. His directorial debut is a film called. Fat kid rules the world. And Matthew joins us now tell us all about it welcome -- to great to have you with us glad to be anything you very much so we all admired your work as an actor for so many years was directing something you always wanted to do as well. -- -- You know I think it was in -- DNA to be honest. -- started high school directing the small -- plays. It started theater company when I was nineteen again to anyone when I was New York so. It's always been a part of me. And so this must have been a very exciting project close to the heart for you chocolate about the film is based on the book of the same name how did you get involved turning that into -- the -- Why did. I did the book on tape and has written by an amazing offer here in New York State and Kelly -- And I -- the book on tape -- in the middle of Reading this book I had this emotional. Kind of epiphany it's about the skaters on the outside looking in he's lost. And down in reading it I just I was moved in they connected to the character I -- houses that the movie's really about kids at a loss. It's called back to rules the world is not really about obesity years size of a -- it's about kids in need a place and for me. I found acting it changed my life and out for him. -- -- -- -- -- So it stopped the -- are you telling us that you felt. You real loser. -- Everyone he -- and feel that way let me think 95% of kids in high school in the old I'd like yeah I don't belong anywhere and I just think -- -- to tell that story in -- really honest way to depict those kids. To be able to have. Some kind of emotional resonance in kids and and and how to be funny in the same time it's a powerful combination. Absolutely and here's how involved were you in casting because it must have been crucial. To get the right actors for a film like. It's it's huge. -- the director. And being an actor first thirty some odd years -- that the big. Part of the process and -- and they say you know. I mean Alexander Payne and -- descendants is like that's the single most essential piece of the puzzle on the fighting those kids look. We did a great job one thing I know is that the -- does really well plays great. We won the audience -- SXSW. And when we show it. People have -- a visceral reaction made it's sort of fall moment and it's all based on those performances those kids and -- and how that would happen. Obviously -- happening right of course you are in the film as well tell us about. You. Yes -- I I was in the film I immediately got myself out of -- I I've played a guided -- I was in the USOC punk about one million years ago and I've played that character grownup and we looked at the very first cut actually just my -- -- -- -- watching -- cut. I watched the scene it was terrible attack. I don't -- we've ever -- that. Well it's still on the trail and I thought I haven't really. Rain so he must have -- this so much you have. Another acting gig in the works you know -- -- like I have to. I have an -- -- -- -- -- than mine. Itself and right -- you're going around in promoting the album would you. Are you preparing for something else would you like to develop something. Yeah yeah I'm in by. -- -- my druthers I would. -- probably spend the rest of my life directing. Three. So much more validating its is that it's a great experience we will tell story lead to people bunch people. -- do you enjoy more at this stage in your life for you think you would have enjoyed it -- from the -- out. It would have been reading from the -- -- mean the -- I am now wasn't the -- that was then -- the -- I am now wasn't the act I was almost 11. And it's quite honestly I think that. That was until I started teaching. Actually teaching your company here in new York and teach. Vancouver in LA and I think -- teaching really opened. This confidence -- -- in -- ways and means that -- had. Great performances out of people and -- I was talking about -- anyway you know this political season as your debating the sides Republican Democrat. Think the more you debate the more you believe in what you -- -- -- -- allowed me to have a deeper sense of confidence he gave me the confidence -- them. That's very exciting -- we selflessly hope that you continue to do both and congratulations on politics that's good yeah me yeah we open as we -- in New York how they probably don't want it sounds it Matthew Miller thank -- -- -- hair. -- --

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{"id":17399161,"title":"Matthew Lillard Takes The Helm ","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor turns director for 'Fat Kid Rules The World.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/matthew-lillard-takes-helm-17399161","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}