Matthew McConaughey on Movie Violence and 2nd Act of Career

Actor discusses movie violence after Aurora, what motivates him after 20 years.
10:01 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Matthew McConaughey on Movie Violence and 2nd Act of Career
-- -- -- -- When he -- and on doing it. Tonight. Really. -- you believe in the Marlins. Now. The retain ears for the moon. I'm not leaving -- I didn't. Like. I want you -- sister. And if I tell you deal's off. -- -- right now and you'll never see me again. -- -- I believe it I think the world out there believe that that you'll get. And Academy Award. Maybe even killer all of this when that -- it. Does it -- are you happy just to let that just. War doesn't affect. Well politics it's an exciting proposition. And it's it's it's it's it's -- it feels wonderful to even. Here that consideration. From critics that I've seen. These things. At this time. Is something that I'm expecting me I cannot say that expecting it I don't. I don't really not I'm not really no matter -- myself. If it were to happen I believe -- be able to look at India. Feel wonderful because it could you could have with Steven Soderbergh. I don't -- could because he keeps control over what. Doing in a movie but that could have been camping -- instead I visit this character. Is serious. It's an exodus there just is no meaning you have to get up on stage -- that yes. You had to bop -- -- had to do all this to prepare for our families want not what you're known for now. But it just. -- this -- capitalists everything. Else there's been one everybody. Ash. -- it was -- as Dallas in the union that. Everybody that -- productions once I went to you -- horrible. And I like that to -- two hours could be. Should be an event and he never won the crowd lull. Maybe. Now -- -- All the women are trying to take -- so what you very. And -- every things and -- every ours. You know take on this. Sort of -- -- Which is what Dallas was supposed to you wouldn't quote. I see that you look like -- -- way office for a role. Yes federal coming up in September. It's admirable work -- there and -- one. And tell a story. This in the 1980s. And Ron -- -- in Dallas. He contacted. Me and he. -- they give -- thirty days to live. And he said you know he's a real -- -- offers. He said you know -- so he started studying. Homeopathic remedies these -- with house -- -- along Mexico's. About it. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's Smart and these drugs in his state and then basically back in. He's -- black market drug. Dallas buyers went out of his apartment. And it is -- part he got successful enough. Where the FDA -- shut him down. A couple of them and so he go rent a room and a and a hotel motel and let everyone know if -- 24 hours you can come future. Humans from them and he got away with it very Smart because he didn't sell the job he -- the membership. News club so he pays property you get -- case in that -- warriors. We're living in a time now thanks to the events of last week in Colorado where. Public attention is all focus on any kind of violence and and -- have -- fun zone what's your take on. Do you feel that the movie industry that you -- part of plays any role in this and making people. Sparking them. To violent act I'm. -- I think. All media forms do. To an extent I don't know enough to tell -- and I think doesn't. -- there's obviously you know. A much larger Immersion. Into. The world media now than there otherwise it's now stand -- 88 hits 818. Spend an average of seven point five out today. You watch -- TV on computer plan if you. That's a lot more than you know -- Could have ever done even which -- -- arm so. If there's sleep and -- hours and he got eight hours on that -- got another eight hours that -- in reality feeling socially deal with life. That's 50% basically. So what is reality of what is. The state. And it and -- -- I you know I know what that is but where do we. Way to relieve. The newspaper or or or the story being told that fiction and come back you know OK that was that -- realize. Very tough because what's the best sort one of -- deficits in the best art is when you go you believe it's real. You don't cross that line you walk in and you walk out your life. Now that happens you believe it happen now. Part of it is is it's. Apparently meant to a ship and people just you know -- -- with. That child -- -- only children commit these acts be with a person's OK to get that that was. It's fun you can view and on that thanks -- you like that you like spider you like it. But now understand. That's you know. -- it's not that it's not necessary it's not real it happens -- forced -- boxing football. Recently and we asked these people to go be glad -- single -- and that -- strong views on issues -- Is that passed in those but yet once -- -- -- which -- -- Here's civilized human being by -- mammal -- stuff you've got in the -- it's it's it's it's a tough thing same with Cendant. These young men and women off to war and would -- -- in 1990 when he showed off to war. And -- you you going to be surprised some of the acts. That they're gonna -- And did they come back and Clinton -- jailed for life. I mean for me -- got -- twenty want and I felt like I knew I wasn't gonna work. But a lot of people try it especially if your child yet who you -- what's the world who have ABC ABC -- can be that. And I can be that that happens -- -- and so it's very we're very impressionable. The media creates images for you yes when -- -- -- -- just as you're the guy with the bond it's -- -- that's -- the things -- went -- there. And then suddenly you're doing these movies in -- on the cover of Vanity Fair and your major stock. And then you're doing this and now you like in another kind of -- and -- yet that's happening but what I'm looking for is. Is that essentially you still there. -- absolutely because well I would get married and when you have children your two kids now and third on the way and yet this is a commitment to. Did your mind you you can look at that the first time again. Which is very good or. To look at things for the first. Even -- you've been. Case -- of goofy. He didn't see what a great -- -- it felt. Right. -- Ago and expert. Line. And story there's no. Because. -- -- And -- Here. And activities. Are. -- and so those. Are without that -- free and you you know yeah is that it. So before we -- and with. -- -- -- -- -- On the wrong. Come -- and on the -- It's -- Eight hours. -- -- West -- 081. That are. And you've seen it would believe that it can't -- it. Still. It. -- really. On. I -- That -- Oh. One.

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{"id":16869816,"title":"Matthew McConaughey on Movie Violence and 2nd Act of Career","duration":"10:01","description":"Actor discusses movie violence after Aurora, what motivates him after 20 years.","url":"/Entertainment/video/matthew-mcconaughey-movie-violence-colorado-shooting-act-career-16869816","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}