Matthew McConaughey On Playing 'Killer Joe' and NC-17 Rating

Actor discusses playing a hitman and what prompted tough rating from MPAA.
10:15 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Matthew McConaughey On Playing 'Killer Joe' and NC-17 Rating
He gonna pay me first service that I'm going to perform. You're giving the particulars of their schedule. -- -- -- act on them according. Don't give you many details on my activities because the less you know. The better for everyone involved are. Not only have a couple of rules and systems didn't. Consist -- Fayette if you -- If -- implicated in this crime you are not under any circumstances to reveal my identity will participate. Of course if you break this rule. -- -- -- Can understand. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's going on that the movies and there's -- spectacular movie right now with its spectacular performance -- it called killer job next deceived us all. And we're right here at this moment on high -- The empire hotel room and talking to kill which that's all I guess who is this guy how would you describe. GO. Julia over let's get into the amended that the basic salaries -- cup to -- -- it. I never get why they put you in Texas. And it's the New York -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so he's hired. Tries handled sort of -- park trash company family. -- our attitude to take after their mother. -- -- -- 50000 dollars. If -- removed from the surface -- is just the man to do it. No -- regulated does ago -- I'll give it away but Joseph you know that's the basic. What you hear what you get from the story from Iraq who I really -- -- -- -- His need for structure and order and everything must be that way that is his job that is life basically. And then they want of the one -- doesn't. -- family. And that's basically the race relations with Juno temple and sort of the goes from co habitation to end application of this -- that it moves into. That's -- it almost constantly saying that he's he's -- in the way but he's not. He's got. He's got. A lot of what it was Joe's -- what he does not a lot of you know Joe's dollars in Asia -- And then he reveals little life he's just he's he's not teasing but. He's not there to review himself he doesn't want to be -- he he actually loves sitting in silence. And funny. There's -- He's investigators. So he -- the truth about what he -- -- that stands were hanged himself. And that was. Part of the joy -- and Joseph is everything and anything you can hear percolating in -- -- -- -- no barrier. That. This is not a man to -- to cross you know very this is a man who can handle this job but let's do it right but -- -- -- loose. You know Joseph doesn't like -- language is like sloppiness. If you look at the reason actually is destructive. It's because he's trying to. Make order. Of this sloppy. Family does not change -- I'm very much a moralist job. You know in his own way -- -- -- -- at -- in this justice's. Own street justice. Which you know me you wouldn't want that -- -- become an epidemic anywhere. But. It's very clear everything has. A set up and are giving a reason for us and when he meets -- up. -- not care when Jeremy terror. Date may come together because in a way that speak in this thing languages they were meant to be there two -- These two. You know you that live update these two sort of loner outcast in the visuals that sort of find himself in this -- that they've always lived alone they thought and it's sort of horrible it's a black hole -- Laconia. Fran kindred spirit in this black hole. And so and here's where they sort of find each other and communicate but he finds that place an -- and -- and a person and young woman in god and I think that is -- is. All of sudden something -- when things here the first. Maybe. You know and in this family where we're seeing a -- -- -- is the one. Contract being used for this his father comes that your -- Gena gore John who is. Remarkable and her. -- -- as the cliche trailer trash with a lot of surprises here so I don't wanna give away. But it does it again this movie becomes. More violent -- you could imagine being so much so that it's been rated NC. So this back to you Paula. When that happens when the rating system says a look at. This is restricted. Effort. Gut instinct was that isn't he said because of the first GO bodies. That is a really sort of -- sensual romantic. -- And Gaza. Chickens than I thought that he says that figure it. How can drumstick at I'm going to sleep you have -- -- taken -- are. Actually way more than that dated back. But -- So that NC it's. -- It's so deliberate. -- It's set up in the class. And you have the two comedians. But Larry wise because you cut to -- -- comes here. Whose mystery why -- -- those cuts him. Shifted -- day to day sort of hyper real spot so deliberate. And cheerfully world that is like oh okay that's legal bets. Literally might be but with that I just if people that. For a couple of people do but there are buying out bloody scene oh yeah they don't. Not -- an athlete but I found that was because. That. -- Now after I found that out. Whether I agree or not if that's their reasons for -- -- -- he will Hayley yeah it's. Does it go off for -- -- Natalie Friedman is that director of this yet but -- just where. She. Plus reach out on screen he's created bitterness and around Europe in some places and -- Austin. A -- law to wonderful law people loved it. So. -- away we go back. Be the be tested. -- you cut that scene. And lose a lot of shock that down to an argument this -- -- radar and we would -- occupancy artists are you kidding me. -- -- -- put out the so we we couldn't do it now like and -- -- work let's just. -- that he said it. Key which in charge. Vote but everybody is talking about now because you're on -- -- It's me let them talk to you did -- -- yet I thought. Just terrific performance in -- movie that I think -- expected. A lot going for him and and -- go back with Rick when bird in place prosecutors. And then you didn't mind. We're Europe a male stripper thing. You look at -- are. You -- doing that it is involved but never. -- that show Dallas yesterday. House must be from Texas to. -- that he lives in Iraq that's it. We all these characters. Really really strong. And office work long hours. -- -- Here now. But they say in the -- plane Evans. Does everybody get right values thing well let me get this decade. Movies with -- -- and this was it and now we're finding that something's on the beginning. Guess -- later that's what -- remember. Anything can use it you Stanton. You know that it. What is it. -- -- They -- definitely you walk -- that look. -- -- -- Very letters -- think it thanks two -- next step out. And talk and friends but to say. He stepped out there. -- That god. Confirms that reader. -- is that you cared. She to have -- and purple. Back here. I thought particularly if on the I was -- shaking hands of the factors that either man when he can't -- would that make them --

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{"id":16869781,"title":"Matthew McConaughey On Playing 'Killer Joe' and NC-17 Rating","duration":"10:15","description":"Actor discusses playing a hitman and what prompted tough rating from MPAA.","url":"/Entertainment/video/matthew-mcconaughey-playing-killer-joe-film-nc-17-16869781","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}