Matthew McConaughey on Violence in Film After Aurora

Actor on how increased exposure to violent media can desensitize young people.
3:01 | 07/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Matthew McConaughey on Violence in Film After Aurora
We're living in a time thanks to the events of last week and cholera where. Public attention is all folk. On any kind of violence and and -- have fun zone what's your take on. Do you feel that the movie industry that you're part. -- any role in this in making people. Sparking them. To violent act I'm. Sure -- I think. All media forms do. To expect I don't know enough to waste and I think -- -- there's obviously a much larger version and two. The world media now than there -- -- -- it's now stand for 88 hits 818. Spend an average of seven point five hours today. Either watching the TV on computer plan if you. That's a lot more than united. Could have ever done even -- -- So. If there's sleep and -- hours and he got eight hours on that you've got another eight hours that there and reality feeling socially and deal with life. That's 50% basically. So what is reality what is. The state and -- and again I you know I don't know what that is but where do we. Way to relieve. -- -- or or or the story being told that fiction and come back you know OK that was that now realize. Very tough because what's the best sort one of the deficits and the best part is when you go you believe it's real. You don't cross that line you walk in and you walk out your life. Now that happens you believe it happened now. Part of it is is it's. Apparently meant to -- ship and people just you know -- with. That child who's on only children commit these -- -- with the persons and OK to get that that was. It's fun you can view and on that thanks -- you like that you like -- you like it. But now understand. That's you know. -- it's not it's not necessary it's not -- it happens is forced boxing football. Recently and we -- these people to go be glad -- single B and -- that he strongly on issues. Is that passed in those but yet when you get -- which could upfield. Here's civilized human being -- -- mammal thicker stuff you've got intellect it's it's it's it's a tough thing. Same with -- in these young men and women off to war and bishop 1990s when he showed off to war. And -- you you going to be surprised some of the acts. That they're gonna pull. And and they come back and Clinton -- jailed for life. I mean for me -- got between want -- and I felt like I knew I wasn't gonna work but a lot of people. And especially if your child yet who you are what's the world who have ABC ABC -- can be that. And I could be that that happens and so it's very we're very impressionable.

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{"id":16887995,"title":"Matthew McConaughey on Violence in Film After Aurora","duration":"3:01","description":"Actor on how increased exposure to violent media can desensitize young people.","url":"/Entertainment/video/matthew-mcconaughey-violence-film-dark-knight-shooting-aurora-16887995","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}