Matthew West and 'The Heart of Christmas'

Country star's touching song inspires new holiday film.
5:30 | 11/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Matthew West and 'The Heart of Christmas'
Two years ago -- little boy named backs -- made headlines as he battled leukemia. His inspiring story made headlines as an entire Illinois community came together to help the -- Christmas. Matthew west wrote -- song about it one last Christmas that became a viral hit. Take a lesson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now it's you know -- must. Not me here. Do you yeah. And that actual story -- the subject of -- -- movie the heart of Christmas airing December 4 on GMA and GMC rather. We -- happy to have singer and songwriter Matthew west here with us today Matthew thanks so much for joining us thank you for having me it's such a touching story how did you come -- first right. That song. Well as a songwriter -- on the story teller and hard hand I had this idea a couple years ago to. Sort of turn the microphone around up until this point in my career I've written songs inspired by the story of my life. But I reached out through social media FaceBook and Twitter and asked people -- Send me your story. And the idea was to make an entire CD inspired by the true life stories. And I didn't know what people would send but we received over 101000 submissions in just a few short weeks. So I retreated to -- cabin in Tennessee and spent two months reading 101000 stories and to be honest have my life absolutely changed one of those stories that I read in that cabin was the story of this special little boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of. And -- and then you wrote that beautiful song we heard a bit of that there and it went on YouTube and it went. Viral yeah did the response surprised you. There was overwhelming I think -- released struck accord. And you know any parent. Who hears this story in. You know can immediately just try to put themselves in those parents use Austin and Julie young couple trying to figure out what we do this child fighting for his life and it's been really amazing and more importantly to draw attention to the cause of what saint Jude's hospital -- about. Helping to save children's lives finding cures for cancer finding new treatments and so together with this young family who lost their child we've been on -- mission to help raise support and funds for this awesome hospital and saving children. Absolutely and now of course you've written song for the TV movie -- will be. Spreading the message even further tell us about that the movie. Well typically. I get to see the story come to life in the form of a song. But this was crazy because of producer in LA heard one last Christmas and saw the viral video and called us and said we want to make a movie and -- follow it's always been managing to be a movie star now. They say we don't want UN. I'm they weren't joking and they film the movie it's called the heart of Christmas and the parents are involved yes they were in the movie as well as extras is very unbelievable just to see the true story play out and to have the parents involved in watching it. Our hope in both the songs and movies that'd be -- fitting tribute and that the legacy of this little boy will live on and such other people's hearts this Chris. Absolutely and I'm sure that it will do so you're still in touch with the parents cracked -- -- they do well one of the neatest things about. Bringing some of these stories to life in the form of a song has been I've been able to sort of -- life with these people and we grieve together we've become friends and he went to the benefit concert in their hometown on the one year anniversary of -- little boys passing in that community that rallied together to decorate for Christmas in the fall. They rallied together again all the tickets sold out 44 hours you can raise and a ton of money for seeing -- -- They're wonderful couple and I'm happy to announce -- -- Have had a precious little baby girl all lantern since losing -- on and such -- it's just an incredible story and one that through this song and through the movie I believe this holiday season it's one that's gonna. Really touch the heart of a lot of people remind us what really matters this Christmas access there will certainly live on Matthew west thank you so much pleasure if you would play at about it would be our honor this is the heart of. Christmas. Call them illegal this -- news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gonna stop fearful mall. The -- all men is that he. Well CNN's Larry this is sand. City streets and shop -- mom. It's always -- -- all down -- him. The meaning -- the oh. -- -- -- -- -- I. News. -- news man. We have a smooth long. Scanning and it.

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{"id":15058270,"title":"Matthew West and 'The Heart of Christmas'","duration":"5:30","description":"Country star's touching song inspires new holiday film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/matthew-west-heart-christmas-15058270","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}