How Soon Should You Meet After Connecting Online?

Siggy Flicker explains why you should wait to meet after connecting online.
2:57 | 01/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Soon Should You Meet After Connecting Online?
I ask you something about this to be talking about dating products. How engaged keeping people should be on should eat but you know at that meeting be great guests managed that does the virtual world birth. Since online. He. City while Vietnamese. The ninety's Sidney caused school that you need to use right we just got to build up your social network. Oh. So somebody reaches out to you reach your post he hopes. That he wouldn't. You know the answer goes back and forth. Online hotline at turning it never last more. A couple of weeks OK why people because people use if he security. And people aren't like. That that's been going package put it for six months six months. Now I might mean to each other out here after perfect act and it just. Security first did not exist. I secondly. People pictures. Eighteen. Look like it so why do what you say. The conversation flows I am getting messages from U excites me it looked for Q. Do you might have to work for turning. 45 minutes is. I think that it to say how this person really use but they are. Continues continues. We can. If you take it from there still people are using their laptops. And to hide. Why be closed at number one problem with people in their life it's. People the year rejection. And I went on me at rejection is God's protection. Its projection is protection. Point oh yeah. Somebody's rejecting you you're gonna find out later that it really didn't want to have kids. They aren't about use in Europe meet the opposite sex plus error if you're job is to take rejection learn from me. Out and when all work. It's got trying to see from an unhappy situation. So because people you rejection. Statement covers their laptops. And staying online for six months to eat here. But it's happening yourself your interest eight right right so think about all the people that you admire your life. You think Oprah would be Oprah without taking risks are. You think Michael Jordan would mean Michael Jordan without taking risks. If a state without a grant Haas likes did you see.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Siggy Flicker explains why you should wait to meet after connecting online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44767915","title":"How Soon Should You Meet After Connecting Online? ","url":"/Entertainment/video/meet-connecting-online-44767915"}