Meet Disney's New Hitmaker, Laura Marano

"Austin & Ally" star shares her excitement about second-season renewal.
3:52 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet Disney's New Hitmaker, Laura Marano
On the hit Disney Channel series often an Alley Laura Murano plays the shy but gifted songwriter Alley when she's not riding hit song she's hanging out with her friend -- In this scene from an upcoming episode -- learns her old elementary school teacher is now -- -- box. -- he's not teaching any -- who helps retired. But -- looks like at -- degree -- here she gives us old guys are doing good work accident rates. At the. And three cents. Nothing better than curling up in the library with a good book. I hated the playground I was late getting -- in the head with a -- -- And it's a happy to have alarm -- here I am really happy to be here congratulations birth the senate does picked up my second -- that I'm so excited like literally I called rainy called Roth Michael keel released -- I was electing like I was screenings so happy so great aunt and your -- -- -- in the opposite -- off right yes -- -- me is a really talented really insecure songwriter. -- she loves all animals. She's -- -- -- -- way she's very awkward. All they often really isn't it -- pretty carefree. EL he's not operated on him but he's also really great -- her and really great reformer angry answer that portion not write songs and oh yeah together. -- -- -- -- -- And you darling. John Paul works. So but in light you aren't being well -- -- -- do you prefer the acting with. You know -- the -- what life. Basically. Acting for so long that it's just kind of I can't seem like where would be -- -- is also really boring life where. -- -- -- everyone's life where you know. When they're working out whether you're doing homework it's just like that he needs to look. I know on. Over the years not going to vocal and the really become really patched -- and -- It's I don't just become something so important life still -- Both men are bearing BearingPoint -- do you're been compared to you on profitable and it teeny marriage and a contract -- need to get back. -- -- Obviously he would -- just -- quite different but. Definitely -- like on dealing with -- many young yeah I. I think off staying definitely miss all last many times and has. Gadget like this really great in the past and that's really great video -- -- Constraints she gets fired from all the jobs -- you -- can't. -- respond -- like -- often. -- arching structure and pray and we also. How his -- subject to your career take off -- viral video -- that's it that's what you're paying a meaningless sound -- and me. Accidentally fell. Dad and that's -- I'm really working out because they realize that they wouldn't -- part of now despite your -- cheating scandal in -- this evening in your career you -- normal high school how to power. I know it's heart I'm not like you say it is all -- that teachers my school. Different smaller so support and incentives really support -- -- artists have all that support. It's really hard not to do you know well yes and pray and feel inspired to Allan thank you so much -- hitting Ellington I think that's. Often finale airs Sunday -- on the Disney Channel which like ABC news as part of that -- -- check it out.

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{"id":15904021,"title":"Meet Disney's New Hitmaker, Laura Marano","duration":"3:52","description":"\"Austin & Ally\" star shares her excitement about second-season renewal.","url":"/Entertainment/video/meet-disneys-hitmaker-laura-marano-15904021","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}