Meet You Down by 'The River'

Eloise Mumford admits her new show is "pretty scary" to work on.
4:26 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet You Down by 'The River'
Fans of supernatural teen storytelling have been waiting for new mythology to -- you don't have to wait any longer the new show the river premieres tonight on ABC. It's about the search for an explorer who was gone missing in the Amazon check at a -- Yeah. This rule. Scary stuff happening at the start out -- -- here it is you. -- And you're searching for your father right but this is about more than just the start -- Yes it's about -- Imagine I mean it's really. We're out -- searching for and it -- and has missing camera crew but along the way we're finding out that they weren't -- searching for something really dark mysterious and so inning it's clear is an all -- things happening and supernatural. Super. Our creature right monster -- finally -- and we different mystery that me up again. So there's there's you know. A month there is there's. Every week and part time. -- -- -- -- Absolutely. We a lot of pain. Suggest there's. He's out of school if that's what you'll see it's and I am from air missiles money jobs and -- -- -- -- -- trade and and also creeping things happen parents. A documentary. His answer. It. Going on inside -- that it's an -- which is really exciting and groundbreaking. Nothing here now. Which is part of the reason we're so excited for it -- -- explore with our. Team each. -- interest. In his disappear -- pay yet. I would not one. Cameraman oh -- -- character comes on the show. Along for the search is kind of frustrated nobody -- -- that missing. And -- she's smiling and saying hey anything's. Fine at this point on six. But emergency -- -- like. Okay. The ship which is what we just not exactly yet accidentally shot that's in the first time any of us have been on the ship. They dislike doomed -- up in the zodiac and and that it that actually. Hear it out. Something scary. -- -- We don't -- looking for men and that leads us. Journey you know find clues of what's going on -- And some really dark concerning. And then spend less now. You. More. Like that it's quite clear the way -- -- about that in the form of little video snippets that it's really cool. It's. An. Actor. You know -- little video clip that's fine into the audience it's -- long. After that lots lots. Paying particular attention all the little di tale to add up thinking that's coming -- but but I think. Unlike lots every week there's a little mini mystery in itself so. You get the thrill of like an overarching -- but also every week -- like it's like watching a little bit every op Ed Henry -- but also let you know -- -- now is it.

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{"id":15532266,"title":"Meet You Down by 'The River'","duration":"4:26","description":"Eloise Mumford admits her new show is \"pretty scary\" to work on.","url":"/Entertainment/video/meet-river-15532266","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}