It's A Very Melo Christmas!

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony gives holiday cheer to deserving children.
22:26 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for It's A Very Melo Christmas!
You know with the ABC news that two. CNN reported that dream and include Carmelo Anthony and very low income of fifty. See there. Him to Clemens. We have some friends that are getting involved setup and the taking fixes up his second coming out. But it's very mellow prisoners they actually did this event last previous yeah a lot of okay to be inspired. Them celebrate the holidays. And so this is another one of these events that have now been over here with the announcement. Yet they completely out of the moment. I'm by the excitement. And they'll probably okay. Happy days. You know it's all. Yeah Carmelo him. Students this is nothing here I'm writing an essay on how they convenient yeah and directed an accident. Turning to have. Both look at sunny with you have to bring them. And how they can also. It's. Something more influence. You know give back to learn its gates. And their own communities. That's being a split within the battle and all of it here that the but it did the kids. Come here from three. Building into casings in the night. Him coming in and see if he's ahead. Kids coming up when he added. There's a nice safe. And it. The senate happening is literally as a strong. Since it was an economy that clothing found on him. You have that things that's. Been able to inspire. Held since last. Even more than it. Politically that's he wanted to be. I really don't know. I guess he can't Finney I don't know clothes and again felt. Plus they have thank you want it so I think he'll figure out rhetoric and listen hey we're calling. Well my time and really quiet iconic Nissan camera. So tell me what that you read about to be more. I'd be right now Edmonds unload my vehicle yes. Unless the city even though you did right that you know what it means strength in pencil and let him on grateful that means little it is not seeking independence. I didn't sit and rookie big thing you know. We'll also hurt him. On what time. I feel it's an insult lets me he Margaret. Call Clinton is in Lebanon from him personally. But there's and that's night's seven points. They also make good friend yeah. Also making it France's tonight. It. If you. Eyewitness News tonight about media outlet and it's him on the road trip. Rhodes hit. Without a tendency to state. Road. Trip but it actually. Rhodes had seen him grow old. Growth Shipp as the plane went that makes you think it rained its ship. Did but I. And I'm excited and Carmelo Anthony endless Providence and months. After. They've seen. It's easy look here look here. Well yeah. Others comment NN. The Clinton. Anything. Hello. And great basketball you. You guys play basketball. Who does it mean what's your name. He's. And mild today. Councilman Calvin and along that he doesn't think that's the he's a great. Outstanding company common link it's not the enemy becomes. Okay. Yeah I do believe. They aid agencies the that they see. And that laws that left the book. Getting access to equipment and yes the announcement next without it. It's a big. That is beginning hip hop line that is meant that their beverages and already for the show. That the show the movie out than an exit months the road route. The that it again road. Ship and its road. Since benefit road trip road was hit us. But wound he. One. And I have been about. And that's the problem. Thanks odd feeling of popcorn. In addition three days. Enjoy yourself. I I love. Thanks everybody want to become. Let's go to the city's big. Yeah. I am really wouldn't have to come in with a tell me about. We would shift. Bond needs. Yeah. Nice I'm just blown people can. Ten I'm. I'm in. Went to school. He helped but. This evening Long Island a lot excellence excellence and we hope it. This is a friend in your. Yeah and aunt. I am a little to have an element be anyone's mind. The moment overshadowed the sentence a moment. I actually get it right he was even. He is. Yeah like yeah. Well that's okay. Could do thanks Greta thank him again for debate I'm camera about a and residents. Pleasant Hill town houses you have rather come influenced him. He'll do lead timing in them until. Even closer. What to do and you don't ask. And my comments in this event and singled and their children as a film. Yeah. And any other. Because you didn't necessarily know everyone here right. So young them making friends. Hello and happy knowing anything about confidence among the port today it. Recent movie. You know all about it quote that's a lot. And every did you guys don't keep those bills don't. Those plans that you keep selling on the way out right. That's fun over there is babbitt's in Suffolk missiles and thinking like an easy. So they'd have that we have so many kids' lives as parents stories and I actually I don't know if I. I don't know. It hits and no idea what it was not limited clue on how to be. Let me. Young. I'm overweight and Novak and I think that is articles part of the Carmel basic help bring those ideas think that's my attitude. In his. The to think that when the Meehan. Are you can listen. All right Irene era in Reno seasons these seasons he I think that the what you from. Text ads that NASA but tell me if the only thing about Allen yeah. Yeah. Like these the lack yes and that's like me. It's him and obviously that's president hasn't been evident when you know. System and OK it was my mind red. In this planet Clinton is not let me that's in south and I hate him and he. Keep inspiring if hounded. It that. Again of Minnesota worst night he saving the place you're free to come back out and asleep in his place. Was a movie right definitively so we'll be right Yemeni cancels out and came out with advanced wound. Out minute dance moves you see it he's right in the crowd could cut that. The young specialty business like the name names. The way. The crime anything wrong. How then that oh. The stinky leg that the singularity. The speculate. They. Though we have like it's coming. This is. We're all just moments away from want kids coming down. That's a big day I pick. How did this of. Mix very well let's. And I think is a so I think that held without conflict have been an. Thank you government critics and I got a little ahead. Craig. Very. Hi this is Anthony and ceaseless news tonight. At that couldn't get it now Gary it was. Oh wait we got him trying to the brightness is. Hello. I comment on camera as though you meet soon and Clinton meets students welcome Cameron. I got excited to be here. Tell me in any business I fan does come our son science. This. He'd give those amount that only certain people can. Filled with mean to you to do this event every year I'm back into this stuck with the yeah. Open a place in this kid opens you. You know give them. Very vote look I like that that you have Melo and a lot of you know events which is civil learned which his party in name. How do you think that impacts your branding your message and help them friends and all of you do. Voices and so that's. Myself. Others. Ages. You know all makes sense to stand alone you know and that's it's that's my personality of this program. You know if it works you know we we don't like to high stress situations. I don't want to bring that energy. Though when the youth of the room accusing them so. Almost always. Statehood and. And that you have a full life on and off the court and how does this I know a lot of time when you're in social situations highs and lows. How does this help your performances and BA just keep in the clear. Way to keep you accuse me motivated. It keeps you motivated. Should know that you know regardless of what I'm going festival sort of still make an impact and someone's life. Off the court you know sort. The kind of got a taste basketball out the pictures. But ever since he keeps you motivated toward go to work every day and know that you know what I do with what impact. A lot of people. And lastly tell me com. About. NBA would have what are you looking forward to the new year any specific those thinking you're working on. All though a deal that I. And I does that India is always. Surprised just don't know what's gonna happen. And B. The coat systems keep rising. You know. Here. Just is this that. Weighted. Players the way it has since its return. Source of these that by. From the apple. Seeing last. Thing. Four and where's. We actually see a special connection to Syracuse to them and thus the eagle state. Oh yeah where they're not their keys and turning so was familiar with anything amiss. I'll miss the call when is okay. Has been wearing although we don't have a cold weather right now pretty good right now I don't mystical way it's cool well thank you for me to the we appreciate it. As both was on walked in. And because Carmelo is gonna become evident. And we want to get us out of him. And what's happening inside the theater and wanted. And see the crowds here. We have looked. School. Flow fulfilling. A we'll. If it's citing. The treatment that the yet but let's let the upon it quickly. I'm. Running Friday. As the Emmys. My friend. She just noted that a happy about after school play. That my boys are. Melanie. And now. Now we have out and come in in. The committee is prepared. Here relaxed here. Lewdness when. President Graham had. A little bit about the foods. Well actually we're taking that expertise and where can take and how. It's. Get out and something. But tonight it. We'll include reports on the you all. People don't think they. You guys. Colonel. Okay. Another thing. Nothing of and in his. I love you. Them all. There. One. So is. Joie. I'm. And but. Yeah. He died today moment. Okay and all alone and get an early preview. And over again. I was. Seven and a tablet that movement. But I'm. Think I'm a kids get organized. For the movie to get going. History because his father back and look on the since it's not like it when they come yeah. It. And I don't know it's for young people. We'll. Notably in the picture. And it and that's. We're gonna step back a little bit to feel that they can get their pictures picking up and stick out. And on other. Have a look at close around it and don't these. I'll let so. Carry an event in Harare. That part one think very. Are you ready. We'll that we. I that you're dealing with the NBA. And think this was pretty pretty this fantastic scene and it's up and and then. Talking this visit that some of the teachers in one of my guys think he says that was perfect for this. Was probably one of the most melons. Reporters he's had to do this that was pretty and and I feel good about it and one last thing Alvin the chipmunk. Room ship date happen anatomy. Outlet and sit in months. Rhodes the Rhodes (%expletive) but he's not appointments began let ended on it didn't know but I'm Cameron tells ABC does they keep blasting. And certainly money.

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