Michael Jordan Engaged to Yvette Prieto

The divorced NBA legend proposed to his girlfriend of three years.
0:53 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Michael Jordan Engaged to Yvette Prieto
Michael Jordan these sports -- -- an icon. Is in king. Lady had a market also market. Now he's 48 years old that's picture of Michael with his Cuban American model. You bet idiot don't they have been. Dating for three years she is for they younger how she and her -- early thirty's my understanding. But they had been dating -- For several years you know he's. It's been divorced from one need for quite some time -- dollars in 2006. And he has three children with. -- and -- it also has some most of his money. Which is not at all over trying to focus on on this we obviously wish them the best of luck some -- -- let me -- my son's love enough money to -- you know hasn't. I'm sure he's not hurting for cash RIY need a lot of it discouraged by him most about mr.

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{"id":15259646,"title":"Michael Jordan Engaged to Yvette Prieto","duration":"0:53","description":"The divorced NBA legend proposed to his girlfriend of three years.","url":"/Entertainment/video/michael-jordan-engaged-to-yvette-prieto-15259646","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}