Michael Sam Joins Cowboys Practice Squad

After being cut by the Rams the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL signs with Dallas.
9:06 | 09/03/14

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Transcript for Michael Sam Joins Cowboys Practice Squad
And regards to Michael Samuel which would feel like he has a chance to come in. At a position that we've tried to address really throughout the offseason throughout training camp. And compete for a spot you know in the way we view the practice roster is first and foremost their jobs to help facilitate practice. But it's also great opportunity for us to develop personnel and evaluate personnel. And this is not there -- no different for us we will -- a player and we want to -- on the practice field got nothing but good reports about him. From our people from people in Saint Louis and I would just want to give him the chance to command in conceiving and help our football team. That was Dallas head coach Jason Garrett on his newest signing seen here for the first time with his new teammates. Wearing number 46 taking part in practice today. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York Michael Sam himself addressed the media a little earlier this afternoon. Let's listen now. I'm side. Who's gonna be a -- hope. Those grade. You know I thought I did -- really geared to earn a spot came in I'm very grateful that it was the cowboys I'm very grateful. Jerry Jones and the risk. Dallas organization. What is your mission might we need accurate count that sun is active roster I'm trying to help cowboys anyway I can. Second that our response team and help our team when games and have -- was in its -- I just want you know -- data -- special teams on. Note left and right in whatever room more local bottler bond due to defections. Sections. You can. -- -- -- -- Watch -- pre season. Do -- -- -- slow. Then now mama -- and head has. You got wind. Parts present and while I have had this businesses and this is -- demonized. He wants everything right and I'm here to to jeered him I can't like this. Are those who must understand how our government and not have not spoken mr. Jones yet. I spoke to him the son. -- Johnson we're great. He's excited I'm excited and hopefully. The coaches and team could excited to view these things and take. It was a little longer expected to you know what I'm here now and that's all matters comedy special for him. -- Believed to our -- games or yeah. Please no no team would I do everything O kickoff return. And punt return. Goes to assert. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they. I'm Sargent. Equipment and hopefully -- -- on this team and certain. -- -- -- Like -- said anyway I can use my must be our minds. Wild things -- learned that Saint Louis. It then I can do to help this team when -- and no we. I'm I'm -- rose four to be on the team and help the team win and I'm sure that Dallas Tulsa. -- win as well. Michael -- we learn about. Handling. All of this -- -- you what have you learned you know I just justices. As part of jobs. His dad. -- it. Yeah. -- I do know the bad guys you know Tony Romo the quarterback. You know say hey welcome -- -- -- work. You know. Witten came to me same -- -- and and so these guys. It's about football you know and they want of the womb wins though that anything that can help -- win and that's -- did you. I hope people question must be so when -- on game -- they -- me -- -- faster electoral map out Roma Banca. When you're coming in the last one guys here in the carnival games anyway that -- that. I don't mean that you play -- clinging to. It isn't if funny were my college Korean business of wolf will be plan -- poker stars -- I never thought that would happen. Now it has got that was planters -- Michael -- there with his first comments since signing with Dallas. After going through training camp with the St. Louis Rams who cut him. Then couldn't find a place for former SEC co defensive player of the year on their ten man practice squad. And we are joined now by ESPN FN FL analyst and former NFL Pro Bowl quarterback mark for -- mark thanks for joining us. For the folks out there who are not familiar with these teams and their rosters give us an idea and explain why Michael Sam is perhaps a better fit in Dallas and Saint Louis. Well this is a very good fit for Michael -- he's going to a team that is in desperate need of some defensive talent and Michael Sam. Is a talented young man -- a very good training camp in pre season. With the St. Louis Rams this is a golden opportunity for him because he's going to a team. That is well coached by defense -- coordinator Rod Marinelli -- -- -- is well respected throughout the league and is a guy. That gets the most out of his players and what he's getting -- Michael Sanders a young man who plays with a lot of passion a lot of emotion and Michael's Sam's job -- simply be. Two understand the defense -- scheme. Go get the quarterback and do everything they're asked to asking him to do and will do in the practice squad and who knows perhaps this will turn into an opportunity. For Michael to be on an active day roster. And from what you've seen of Michael Sam both as a college star and in this pre season are you surprised that it took this long. For him to find a spot on a team like Dallas was just so starved for players to rush the. Pastor yet it's certainly a good fit and and you know these last this last week a lot of teams have -- are shuffled around you know players trying to find that the right fit and and you know right now is a perfect opportunity because they haven't played their first regular season game in hand and as I said this is a very good opportunity I think Michael Sam. You know -- -- you know he's with the the Dallas Cowboys now. It's certainly better that didn't signed earlier to a team that really perhaps he wasn't a good fit that. This is perfect for Michael -- he will be well coached they are in desperate need of some good pass rushers and so I believe is a good fit. And cowboys head coach Jason Garrett spoke this morning said he was treated -- like any other player but if you -- in that locker room knowing what some guys might. Have issues with would you expect this -- to address the situation. But I don't think so you know if you I think a lot of people expected Michael Sam when he got to the Saint -- -- -- for it to be a distraction. I don't think it was it was a distraction for them and I don't think it'll be a distraction. Further Dallas Cowboys and you don't go into that -- room he is a practice squad player he's expected to work to be a professional. And and I expect Michael sand to. To do just that to go about his business and do everything you -- to be the best player that he can be. And also help the Dallas Cowboys win games that is why he is with the Dallas Cowboys to help them. You don't win football games as a script -- practice squad player it's an important role and and you know you could be a very short time before. If he is on the active duty roster and and we'll -- but this is a a new beginning for Michael Sam one I'm sure he's he's embracing. And so again Sam is not being signed to the cowboys' active roster he is not going to be in uniform on Sunday. But how likely is it that we could see him play for the cowboys or someone else on a Sunday this coming season. Well it's very likely you know practice what players they get bumped up to active roster week in and week out you know especially when. Defense -- -- they go down with injuries which happens a lot it in the NFL. And his number could be called next week it to be five weeks from now but it would be no surprise if you got an opportunity. To play on Sundays for the cowboys. And ESPN's mark for -- thank you so much for joining and a thanks for having me. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- been starring -- story. Our exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25237349,"title":"Michael Sam Joins Cowboys Practice Squad","duration":"9:06","description":"After being cut by the Rams the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL signs with Dallas.","url":"/Entertainment/video/michael-sam-joins-cowboys-practice-squad-25237349","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}