Mila Kunis Says Hollywood Needs More Leading Roles for Women

Kunis appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about her role in the new film "Bad Moms."
17:10 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Mila Kunis Says Hollywood Needs More Leading Roles for Women
Oh. Killing ourselves trying to perfect innings Mickey as in they eat in this day and age it's impossible to be a mom. Screaming. Be bad moms all I can eat some that's okay this is exciting and it since. Yeah. Mom. Atlantic. Judy loved you should. Hi everybody. I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn will we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now. Called bad moms that stars my guess me this. Who. Has become a mother and has decided. To make. Her comeback as a mother who make a movie called bad mobs what's wrong with you can do that. Are you not changing diet. Not an issue that that Britain finds a pipe Oceana says he comments to it's okay diet did you change the diapers. Yet Dahlia I didn't have six or seven I hadn't done. Not that my husband and I did it at Acton was now. You know him pretty well he was changing diaper is incredibly. Yes. You act so there's no bad month then. We know it yet their what are your flaws. My. I feel like every day I have like a successful moment and then if failure. Happened to me like I wake up but like fresh clean start and put into Aaron like. All the time. So about what. Your daughter daughter right why it yet. You come from. Great right act is now business I think I do you are wired her. Okay that it came from. It's funny is that I think that immediately you say to me it doesn't come from an emotional want to advocate family name is I don't know if my. Hair it right so yes it without Kevin Costner. And kept quiet there are. He'd be so Brett why it can't inner I think that would really make it work. Anyway she's approaching the terrible twos yes which is usually time I know when I went through that yet where I think it. I can't do yes and that's not saying it actually did that ever second baby. Now we see it is a rather quiet that we can ignore the one. That's on straight on the night I she's just when is the second baby do he said the king it's nothing. Else in here. The year so yeah and do so was appealing to you then about this idea. Mom what was once that you said you know I'm gonna do this I haven't made a movie since Jupiter's sending yet but I'm gonna do. You know it was one of those things where I I didn't put myself on time limits adding that the pressure when I'm gonna act or it was at the back to work. As far as films were concerned when it felt at exit company ABC. Greatly very much and point to five love it. But but as far as what impact do you act that went fine I project when it feels right. I'll do it and them and it growth reminds at the script for bad mom explained why it was penciled into that came across this at at a very different cast. And she was like this week for funny you might find that read the degree they're hoping it's made intact LA read it merely for anything. Eight months later he came back in which part of it. And it was just that perfect timing of needing economic back to work and I would ever go back to work. I'd want it to be with six brilliant when it. And it won its comedy and wanted to have on it like that is what my job in the post. From the Whitman daughter fort. Fifteen hours today I I've won and note the Pittsburgh. Put your character is kind of looted. Complete got no help but now has been like you get overworked and under appreciated that's right yeah. And there is there's a scene in this that people will love where it's at a PTA meetings and you can't say with this app when it aired talk. She's everything but she's like that's such a great Karen what it would be a villain in anybody else is new again and then she just makes like. Who. Am I I know this but you're standing there saying. I can't do this thing. I can't do it I don't have the time it's this you feel that you sat here just told me I have my own production company yet so I'm looking at things I have like a nine to. Five yes to ever feel like Christina much more. All I do you but I I definitely have an incredible support team at I really do have an incredible husband. Who's supportive of any decision that I make and Natalie supports me but you know is there for the fame as well. But I think that we as women. Even months just as women but so much pressure on ourselves. Q. Eat what is considered perfect society you know socially speaking. That yeah it out all the time I feel stress and it's all self India's is a 100% ID to myself. It's not work related environmental it's what I do to myself. But that's will be you do with him yet you know as some Peebles until a much better at night just just just enough. Is good enough and that that I think is is goes a lot of people actually like it. I mean there's something important about being a mother that this movie addresses. In terms of where the characters that we scene for two hours are coming from at the end people shouldn't you people. Did not leave when this movie themes and because there's suites moment at and we had these actresses with their mom yet. Your mom wasn't just. She was incredible is humming at the minority health. Now at amazing so why he what did you learn from your mother about being this mother that you won. Mine eight mom. Why is like super woman. She. Both my parents I was becoming my mom because it's bad moms and discredit him it dad was also bought them but my my mom. What would. I don't know how she didn't like it I think three things that once Mike. And it's active figure out how on the schedule everything my mom work multiple jobs full time. Raise two children. Was at home for dinner every night and police had a freshly cooked meal. On the table an -- don't understand how she did it she was eight she was never absent. And yet managed entity shares lacked. Because we're very reports it was you know at my dad my mom both worked in day night. But was always there I don't know how she did it and end. From my brother Knight we never missed anything we never felt like we have something talk about pressure that would be aren't you. Well let parents and mean it like it I think this teaches you even if I put pressure to be like my mom but I definitely think it taught me how to appreciate. The life that high. Do you have them well your store yeah and your parents stories incredible yeah coming from the Ukraine coming leaving. Q how well we islands and then I was little youth center but how much English that is not. The thing. If you sound exactly like somebody who's lived here for ever. I feel like it if there's no sense. Russian yes or anything that. But they escaped Russia for the anti semitism. Thought that was going on. And you and your brother come here to this country and you go to school in Los Angeles without English. Cracked make that happen for me what is that day. This opening sentence to my paper eclectic college was imagine being blind and deaf at the age of seven. And that's pretty much what happens if Egypt and it isn't walking any I have no idea what's happening. I don't understand a word that's being said I visually cannot comprehend what I'm seen because aside from that the link which discrepancies. I eight grew up in Communist Russia so everyone looked the same. In each of its policy Angeles. And bullet and melting pot and you like I can't it's is still overwhelming. But analysts say LE ST not to discredit them whatsoever of an amazing system and I was like you know English specific language and bite they're great it's looking at those adults little sponge but at second grade one is. I blocked out I thought it was easy for me my mom's making them cry everyday I don't remember it like. To me everything's fine that's great and that he could warrant denial involved and I idea is exactly message for bad moms everywhere you just can't find that they're resilient they don't cry happen this if they have a cat and Kathryn Hahn. It's and the ultimate me opening that bond yet if this movie she still has love. But my god she is so much she is also has thirst for life yeah. Yes yes she's awesome. So they need the captain on in their life he can't do yet just wanted to go home just that anything is just brought down to eleven that can't understand. That. But you you come here and then basically you go to work pretty. Yeah but that's not so. Why that happened because I was stubborn but I well how is that your stubborn because appearance BB one immediate go to college and get an education and be at doctor or at Larry it app content marry at have a child in the arts. So at nine years old with long story short is making it but listen you do this this decision in your responsibility. You have to stay at school gets good grades. Now they Cray nine years old I was responsible for four waking up at 5 in the morning to dance that it until forgetting aids. Immigrants like you do this my grandfather sat with me at an amazing manager who's still managed to this day and my work full time. They want it that entire time but you're at the time you get the seventies. Yards fourteen years yes pretending to BA team. Well for a minute there yet I'll yet -- time that I got shaft had to sign a contract which it was like. That the Astrid that and I latest media teacher and there. Like why did it is big. Teacher at a local reports it. Sell when they hired me they didn't I was we're so there you are doing a show that's gonna last for what 78 seasons. It and going for AT and go for eight seasons and he will or. With this man Ashton pitcher that you I am married to now an did you have a crush on him would now seem weird and creepy to you. You know he would be creepy men and Claire I love him let. It was you know I was fourteen was ninety it wasn't even it wasn't even cocked her head on how to explain it like it's. It's just too big of an each happening that little thing that happened out of anything. I didn't realize how good look he was until would be connected when Al ultimately twenties that's the God's honest truth and the show was over there. And another Lilly didn't actually belies you know over a I am which is that the old school a ally and and so we would pop up and have it coming at our U we'd always always kept in touch for years and years and years. They both had completely separate lives live to separate light speaking to completely different people and it wasn't a little in my late twenties that we re connected like. But you really good looking. Meyer and exploit heat it is human like you didn't bother to my children why exactly would be great if any and it's not like last time you hear and I answered about marriage means that not I am. Not at its yet and Rio de it wasn't happening now marriage. Eight children he declared him at I was never gonna get me that's the time to do you know. Yet but now you have the what I say they. Amy and added eight and that we're here bad moms to act. The second baby you can just make comment where does the career fit in now. With what you like this that it's different it has to be I mean played every kind of thing you've been in action movies you. I got very lucky yes well it's just like you mean New York on every. Dime magazine and it's the hottest woman alive and then you win the Golden Globe for a Black Swan. Yet but not the right actually an amazing or what it's like a bit credible career dads might twenties. Well it's because I was like I'm the program in Iraq after seventies. Anthony wants to pre always in the bubble in this industry with its tell that your honor after television and they. Who vehemently stayed TV ads I I could try again. And at most incredible manager and she's like great let's do this can only do that was to not have an ego and hustle ideas edition for everybody. And picking cheesy packets after Sarah Marshall. Got that an enemy that is to not only unity room into an out right now. And ego in check like proving not to my only twenty it was all about proving people. Wrongs or to speak about putting me little boxes like I you know when its economic. Action. I just wanted to do everything that is what it locked do you. Not the same thing you know. When you look at the three of four look at three of fort things that you've done that you think you are happy with them you learn something from what would those movies been. I think the movies and that scene Ichi my. Packed in my career right and most from its Sarah marshall's efforts but it's great it was an amazing cast and it lists that we all ranking just young enough to. She's still not know what we were doing in the best sense. It was amazing is that might be keen for 23 months. Black Swan. Maybe realized how much pressure to put your body. Emotionally physically. Ache but at great sense whereas like you don't know what you're capable of doing to you put your limits. And I can honestly say in the physical mental sense that you came home from work nearly all my attic did I worked like he felt like you actually did something that day. Settling but the really solid accomplishment. I think book of eat light from me it was the first time I looked at a call she. And now it's like how am I with Denzel Washington Gary old it's like that without Gary Neal like. Happy it was just like one of those moments where he does don't evening you can't wrap your head around it. It's just it was unbelievable I think those three and then that moms we wanted to meet that the first made after becoming a mom and ensure. Good to get back. It was very rewarding as my husband says that I I don't work I'm like a dot who hasn't gone and a walk. I think I just need to work at all times I don't know what it's like to work right I lit it I had Wyatt and I worked from home the next day. From home she was with me every meeting is with minute recall but I don't I don't know what it's like to. Not do something for myself. Art. The show and constantly always install. I'll bet that the list that was the thinking quickly used it Adler outlets with using its audio bit to bit of why we have left on average as dealers who do you know I do it and I consummate this must be something needs being harmed one. I'm pretty sure why doesn't like to think that that it is merely a function like. Use. Addicted accidentally. He did something for me the last time and so this time insisted she do something that the quiet if it doesn't have to be Kanye. You can eat. Rapper is hugged I would really. They are not doing it I love that you have to wrapping it said so by the Ephraim do you really good. Old sleazy act. Could an honest kid might explore its like this and it's like I can't Christmas weekend you know it's like this it's like that a ticket cement pad and we started to kiss now. And I'm thinking it's at the pay is up and her. I think up my job and it started to begin. Now and let's in my. Heidi Heidi Heidi you hope and now it's wide grill it say it down I. Nancy is if it would be so great to Jeff. But people are good things out my idol. 88 but it cut it just proves my point about it. I don't care how many kids who won back. You'll still be doing these. I hope that mean thank you thank you for what ever we just and here it was good.

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{"duration":"17:10","description":"Kunis appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about her role in the new film \"Bad Moms.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40925944","title":"Mila Kunis Says Hollywood Needs More Leading Roles for Women ","url":"/Entertainment/video/mila-kunis-hollywood-leading-roles-women-40925944"}