Why Are Millennials Having Less Sex?

"The View" co-hosts talk about millennials' possible fear of commitment.
2:37 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for Why Are Millennials Having Less Sex?
And maybe that's why Generation X. kids. I'm so. I'll play our candidate events so hold on. Yeah. That the study of the archives of sexual behavior. Fraph did you know that there were archives of sexual yeah. Found that the my leg elements. Are twice as likely to be sexually. In active. Act not. Not vendetta race in the flood them and there are OK with it now. I think it's a problem dogging it. When it because I know lots and colonials and they are take their business. But yeah maybe it's the circles ironic. They got in I have what snapped chat snap sent yeah. Yeah. That's about all different kind of let that they don't appreciate empty meaningless sex like my jobless. And yet that's the case were all thinking we're always looking better phones maybe this generation that has learned from the older generation act you know everybody wants to pounce on the millennial Wednesday that there are lazy and entitled why given all of the credit maybe they're not been as Imus used because. They value sex that not to they don't wanna have many park. I don't get hot and and spread it okay this yeah. They're not doing it I. I don't why can't. It did not want it right you know there all kinds of books we can wreck the math here. Well look what I want a web site. You can't you know what's also missing and now a days honeymoon. I mean not in my day you went on a honeymoon you couldn't wait to have sex with a guy. I went on a hunting when I was at a resort 2 o'clock in the afternoon the whole place empties out where rock band yeah there are at their loved doing it. That would days that. I am hoping not go yeah. I think it picked up. If it's in Tennessee that's carries a lot of money was and it's not really their fault it's the time they got rockets at a telephone is everything is in personal texting they don't go to the bar asked somebody out they text that they don't. There's there's a lack of intimacy and they're not used to it and a lot of them tell me we're not comfortable and it's a it's not the sex it's that intimacy that the dollar a do it. Raw.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk about millennials' possible fear of commitment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41095457","title":"Why Are Millennials Having Less Sex?","url":"/Entertainment/video/millennials-sex-41095457"}