Last Minute Gift Hunt

ABC News' Sara Haines and Francesco Bilotto, a design and entertaining expert, raid Lowe's for some last-minute gift inspiration.
19:01 | 12/21/15

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Transcript for Last Minute Gift Hunt
He so I think you hear that. Christmas music behind us in the season which means it's time to meet streamed on your holiday shopping has it's getting a little late. So I running the expert Francesca gladly take coming he is the guy you want when you want creative ideas. Pretty much everything in my life. Are your your mileage and and a budget which is still key you got it with so many people to give at this time a year it's important to watch your wallet. Which protest noise has his eye on. You know the comic book clubs do. I like I think that name still yanish what and when you spend a meet you at Lowe's at little surprise. When you quality. Problem now close. And then find it to be their Utica. And created degree expressed his pulpit and Easton. And thank you can eat anything I have no idea what he's a look at this passenger and a little do so easily the links to shop with yeah. I'll get right there we're gonna grab some things that about normally if we're gonna probably the only other and I got and taking yet known Sarah sorry Edward. We're gonna put together three gets that we're gonna do one that we're gonna make ourselves OK DIY accident ought going to be on offense so. Basically let's grab a few things that something you might need all year long. One of the things we're going to be creating those are batteries and a flashlight absolutely is that winning sixteen survival guide. I'm and the baskets over a huge products and that you run out of all your along. And I'll with a with a little. Gift card I love gift cards yup gonna have a gift card. And the Gartner you know. I would never think that are. Anti not to think. And I again agree keeping something alive what I like about the ordinary people as if if they don't think about that person's gonna use that in January. January march when here on the East Coast in the midwest it's you know cold so. Think about the green Catholics and wallet but your you know your plans felony going and wrap them up. Three little thought and purpose for the if I promise you gotta. Do it if I ever trusted anyone and test its audits we thank. A blood you because you know and then we're gonna go over to pop in the apartment on gonna happen. You know both have a lot of great. Merchandiser to pull from we have big pot smoke pot I think brought our purpose of revenue for the little bit smaller OK maybe an item you can put if the coworker for either death or anything goes to the heart gets the ones they eat but spotting Q. Not you don't have to pay at times. But you want someone in other special there's you know so it's something that you've made. Semi homemade thing which actually and so attacks from people do that. I went through especially when it's baked goods that come here and then January bringing in acting you hate him during the new year and but yet. So this go round and think about you know what it as yourself like what. Iran throughout the year without them things that you you find that you will need I don't know double the mean them. Police hauling stuff you need. And the beauty of this you can sort of like it apparently involved you can find the subject specific for the guy like that the wire line. For the person that has all this is like one of those great tips let's go will be here again featured on I know you're moving. In to a new place yes and we've been talking about colors yet eighth and all that fun stuff. And I personally am I love the south part while I think it bike. The most colorful plate father and I think and Elaine through I mean it's almost like beauty in the hit the refresh button you need. When you select a lot of these colors you all the stuff looked over what do you do it right right so let's pretend we're thought and colors review and I think your paper right. Right they operate they can and perhaps them as long as it's in the paint and organize what about the color purple the color purple great interview with the B ago the other day. I don't know what we're gonna make Oprah again meet again with Michael Wright got there we go but that was then I don't. You've selected from paint colors for your home you obviously around what do you do with them you know this is an opportunity of shoppers drug to work in kind of ups like Al Michaels some things apt the agony that turned I don't know if that's okay not my turn okay so you know. And guiding me I I not even an ask questions yet about how this is becoming yet it's pathetic that might barometer the lipscomb a little bit that's way down. We're gonna get paint mixed actually is well while we're pocket and stop for our craft. Apple grabbed the little supplies that we need raids the paint brushes a offer do you want one thing and this is all budget friendly stuff we need a Snickers we'd expect to get him angry. Me and it definitely part of it part of the things you collier. I think gum is or Gregg skillet fuels you while you're shopping for everyone absolutely packed. On batteries how many times have you needed batteries batteries are like that you need that and we always right now. We're size matters hiking double A is the most universal that a personal question. Was you know it's much equipment double that he did you get ahead of his Adlai appear though that pretty good package of the daddy packed. Maybe there's a patent life there's always a pet lightly ago partner life. Got a smell good your round breeze. Over the and I'm inclined authorities like once a week almost like we always re Phyllis liquid Ecstasy but apparently. And and one more thing that I think we all run of play ball like solved and you know we just ran out of last night pacs like Wear light bulbs at all do you think we have a stock we don't apps topic. All right so we got the with a thinking in fact Rick by the way it goes through things fifth and Hungary and pregnant again and protect its. And maybe that's the pair working gloves as. They end on the Christmas the core outside the U. Think it workbook do I literally making an emergency kit were not making that survival basket for 26 team. What we're doing it really isn't universal and go to my kit in your kitchen. NFL in the show room in one room they let you use. It Mike it since it only looked at night if I had these planes oh and one more thing I think we need year round you go. I think I do my own personal upping it. Don't execute like scratches. Bikini in the fourth object found we'll well it's okay hours certainly glad to buffalo things. Are those real cookies and here. I'm anything that. And the public really hungry army Adam's song. One more little thing she. Treatment currently the pavement there. Snacks would love Pacifica little TT you know what's funny someone that you're the only Kagan that mutate and their loved the super fan Fiona Keegan about the field. It's a big shout out speaks out. We even. In about there ago. Are calling now we're home now we're welcome to an elephant so that youth not have a density. Your water jacket think he. OK all right so let's get going. And markers this is so fun it's so much fun and we grabbed all of our one stop at a. All right the we have the Fed up here Anderson from paint mixed up we have some pizza here the pots that Ingraham. Yes isn't easy simple DIY you can do it and you we're gonna cover the patent Connor obviously defeats and yet you wanna take this and I'm that is Stewart straight pattern okay. I'll earlier rounds. OK and just in several stripes obvious they're going to be a little bit here with this. Tom can go ahead and you do do do your own pot to really history formed vertical would have every wanna do that's the beauty of this. No details. I like a little bit more anonymous caller you know in perfectionist perfection when it comes in the thing. It also issue issue that you the human caring touch of someone doing pouring. And then it started with some of those players keeping and any people do I mean. A lot of heavy samples home left over paint you don't have to once crap story by crafting point of this exercise. Is it to you think that you readily happ or maybe you can come here of those buying them. And this beautiful beautiful beautiful suit lose little if that's pretty simple. Quick and you you know you can just Russian and let it dry. Depending on pepper Potts you have you might want a paper to plastic pot you have to get a little understanding. Come up with just aren't being more honestly I mean group growing up no joke I mean really growing up with the kid in in the hills on both counts and Erin hills and west has no but it sounds better in my biography he picnic. Did this necessity I like you know and when a claim that I invented that we are just like rolling with it and I love loads of love. Some of the things they hired her work with and I start a mine yes start. And you could do a Multi Color you want. You could you could free falling actually eminent do okay. There's so many there's no wrong there's no right this is fine it's totally fun so. Pretend this is derived from the take the soft. And a new clean up the ads with Michael little Q tip or something just and actually have a cleaner and here. Well not the best job but pretend that's painted. And both plants we've got I mean for no money at all you're gonna stick the thing here. Maybe grab a little. Inning lead on the exact price but about how much would this gift that you just I mean this is probably ten bucks and diploma in its self leaking like me yours you're I grabbed the Morgenthau the tree you know this is a great new year hostess gift that's great holiday gift it's a great neighbors integrate New Yorkers color there yet don't give it's your stylist or mailed to the broadcasts. You know but we. Was hit them him but. You know no time barely any minute effective. So fast that the like at the answer why did you yellow on the aside after totally okay and delicate art is so cute to our survival I like it just popped back okay. It is to mean meaning that. Favorite favorite favorite if there's and empathy that this meeting in ago like. Humans with our goods survival. I wanted my Easter club that moment on the basket you know it's productive any kind of basket if you. A bit whatever you have a home. Bowl. Heat and then I always like tissue that act that's a bad and make that more fat than they pick them more room so. You know growth in Arlington though if you issue as well. A napkin at Powell. But I wouldn't both here. And start building that it that the balloon you're gonna do here. Your life through everything you're gonna in Europe here the cheating is this really doesn't matter it's a man woman what age at plus I from a chat but it's a we didn't like awkward Sweeney to light up. I think you could use now or else you will never too early that he and DIY. Lastly it's great I mean it didn't include this investment and a know that for our next thing okay. In the dumb enough free posters comments for a totally agree and it freed as my grandmother Maria. And I think and it's at that it once again personally have you know what else that the report someone that has the gift card he would. But while they're full of women to be moved into new homes that is so this is only a few days and did you just like the little. The gift card in front the sort of layer it and do it that way and I mean. This could be any budget you wanted to be good to go as small as you want as small as you want as big as you want. IA you know bigger the better they always say but once again more little time at a place that don't would have suspected you've created. The perfect little. And no jail and we would use everything in this back withdrew through a couple of 100% you know when you were I don't do a lot of heavy lifting of the club's nine. A decoration but everything else and it is. Off off yet article that log. Pretty used to get it actually. You Francesca no in my emergency candor earned the fitness Shactman. It oh on it like these. Are I felt. We had to paint chips. You across the ol' oak brook Hart yeah so if the work to do something really fun of the school humans. And actually and we did like arts and crafts and all bad and it was you know ground construction paper mixed up with the sort of like the DIY like. Kraft and units version of the you have these. Regrets the markers. Some deserves something for Mike Norman has major drugstores. And the conservative movement within your tax. Make sure there will totally be sure tools that this has who read I went through the computer just wrapped some basic you know what is completely right OK also use. Newspaper what are you happen make it any ties you want. I Beagle wears can get to see I think if you think if pardon that what you just insulting when you get Gifford Oprah who. Wise. I don't know if you addition Nolan now that's good enough pearl breasts lightly he just. Sites that began at election without the plan everything but for. Now deftly deflect that. We'll get to some markers cheered whenever you gotta do have and so basically we're gonna cuts and shapes and. You know you can me how you free he. Just that this man and the they're just cars he went and tested in Beijing need markers in papering talents you don't see how that could be a good quick look seriously. The UK did you cut and everything that has a different story but on the cut of up and you're just sort of. I mean you can read any nationally I understand that lake. I mean c'mon you couldn't see any patented the thing had a is that the triangle as well and make the point paper. And did the beard thing. Typical public. And. And money that we've achieved mean that. If week little glue. The tape whatever you haven't home and went peachtree. And it throwing money just kind of layer them and you could pick any of this is a great family activity I don't like the extremists mostly tolerant native baby Petri. Great activity we have some friends over what some cocktails to responsibly. And cut before you drink cup before you drink but at the good way to reuse some of these things we don't tell anyone. Sometimes I'm. Ingram Egypt specifically duties the album again man acting. There will be secretly don't lean meat and cards for a graphic really don't want to be guard but I also you know how many of these applicant and you'll actually going to be recyclers in the AT quietly take them home. In making me think of lake park it's everything you have repeatedly. Are you go over the car do I mean whatever mailed a throw in you know. This could be a great gift as well if you did for the gift card in there or maybe upping recipe if someone was about to embark on new design new. On PB let's say you want to be the color options like so cute interchange the blue paper that's the only ways you can. Personalize this. I never would have thought of cutting these up. And in Zachary QQ 12. O'Hanlon now going nowhere all the cards that you give me come from Papa different in paint samples from a. Right too little math and science and ready to go simple as that and that is actually totally mean free constantly hears. You know that's adorable to paint company only low yeah. But still very easy fun simple way to like you know than the last minute fired if the kids involved quick easy gifts party. It's a delight love that the biggest thing near the theme that I like is that it took personal spot it's not. Just the gift card if you're gonna do we get our put it with a couple things like it adds a personal touch which I think is kind of the point of giving is to take a little time. Absolutely think a little time to enjoy this empathy are back in part because a lot of things you can use for. Entertaining that he doesn't like place settling setting its economy and bill in here. I think I have to wonder if there isn't it's somewhere in here yeah like. Look so pretend that the party in a place that you could do simple. Grab some of these. Could doom. Maybe puts you plant that the centerpiece there's a lot of things you can do hurt there are candle on top of that. Maybe syllable of fresh peak times for chips if you well. So you know there's a million things you can do just looking within your own space your own home sort of re imagining everything. From the Lowe's store here. Are there in what not to use when giving gifts or anything was I don't think mistakes because I know it is thought that counts but is there anything. Any tips in the season in addition to doing this. That people should avoid or are you go toward you know things. For me personally. Gift certificates are sort of problematic thing I think a gift card is great but when I get a gift certificate for a service let's. Omniture include the tip with at a PL gashton because sometimes you're giving me a gift certificate 400 dollars to get you know spot treatment but I have to fork up fifty effort to. That's at ten dollars and this is New York's everything off expensive right I have to dig that is the good that I write this not so much a right or wrong just be mindful of who you're getting to and what their situation is because you want me to go to this lavish restaurant. I may not have the right up to where there's the U. Actually given me stress now at a comedy your gift giving grade I mean. Yet and the travel I think that's another thing they're gonna get them to get to travel pets obviously you don't want to give the gift of apparently welcoming spirit that the good fit for everybody in the family but things like this there's no rules I think creativity ski you know. It's just whatever it's in your heart in your pocketbook make it happen. That's sweet and what do you think of experience gifts like do you think I try to think sometimes about. Aside from practical gifts like this which I'm sometimes I'm worried and giving people things that they now have to deal with Michael mostly it becomes their job. There just yet either the very good point I think it's I think this is an experience that thankfully they're going through them reports things and he kind of experience. Just got an old friend to get another person. You. Or they'll practical everyone music Handel everyone can use the pretty new cards everyone learning new cards monogrammed things personalize things and you know cam re gifted hop. Trapped on tap on the health and thinks they're out yet discovered and you're stealing my got a. I just think you still might think all these tips I think everyone at home watching can always use. A little more of your brilliant beacon news and think you're not everyone can actually call you which I can feel grateful for thanks so much and you haven't Mary Haines. He comes up is on leave the White House. Passed. Continued these so we'll be back. Soon with more tips tricks lifestyle. Cooking whatever you need a few who lives with this. But we're not time upper eighties. So much heat right out our next one yet happy holidays.

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