Miss America Reveals Personal Child Abuse Story

Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013 takes on child abuse cause.
3:44 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Miss America Reveals Personal Child Abuse Story
She was crowned Miss America -- -- -- thirteen earlier this year -- Mallory -- is taking her beauty pageant power. And jumping on a cause that is close to her out. Child -- Joining me today in video is if America herself Mallory Hagan Mallory thank you so much for joining us thank you for me so how -- it then so far it's finger as the. A lot of fun really hasn't done a lot of traveling and gotten go to -- places that I had never thought that I haven't either good to go are certainly not elements in here so a lot of -- -- recent -- 3000 miles a month and Miss America changes cities just about every 48 hours so. It's -- -- it's on the go all the time and now you're here for a cause that you say is close your heart tell us about. We -- yeah so as Miss America contestants it's one of us have a personal platforms. Aside from being a national ambassador for -- -- on our hospitals our house a champion for child sexual abuse it's my pop -- called stop it now child sexual abuse until. How we've teamed up with murder and child abuse America for the -- garden that's happening tomorrow morning in Times Square and and it's really excited to be back in New York City to bring awareness to a cause it's so important to me and why is it important he would not support me because many of the women in my family -- sexually abuse and although that didn't happen to me it's in the united. You know I've. Seems around our failing for a very long time and I just really site. I have an opportunity such as being Miss America to bring awareness and that subject then I should. You have the crown here today exam room you told us that. Every kind of different for each contestant. -- there are some things that are similar to all of the crown brightness is symbolism and the symbolism with the Miss America crown is that it has four points each point stands for service style scholarship and success. But the difference and each Miss America crown his -- Didn't miss Americas who came before me all 91 of them have a different crowns and while they -- may look the same to the naked guy there's something that's different with each one of them. To get to keep -- I doing it to keep it. -- you mentioned that the big deal. -- or perhaps I'm -- is absolutely you know. Hadn't been good that comes with a good bet you've been under scrutiny for something I can't even believe which is due -- it was a picture of unity Keeney. In mind I am looking absolutely slim but you've got -- comments about why did you know it -- Being a part of -- their organization encourages you to be really well rounded and part of that is our lifestyle and fitness competition and I think what a lot of people forget sometimes is that we spend a day in and day out preparing for that one moment on national television. And a swimsuit and then -- after you just do your vessel of a healthy lifestyle I do I go to the -- on the road. -- go to the -- -- make healthy eating choices on but the reality is if you go from working out eating the way that we were in such I'm structured manner. To not doing it quite so structured. I'm gonna gain weight it's just how works and I think that's what this hearing is bad but I feel fine I felt healthy cycle and dead. And that's you know really all I can ask for -- I'm happy you know your focus goes from. The -- winning the pageant and Miss America to being Miss America -- involves a lot more than just beauty can -- out when he took to different year. Well and you know there's so many things I wanna do with my and my scholarship -- 150000 dollars. But I wanted to -- the crowd was amazing -- able to go back to school in January the -- sensitive technology rather setting advertising marketing and communications. And and you know as this year progresses I feel like what I want to do has been changing here and there. I'd love being -- -- -- at some points I think that I might actually stick to -- -- communications on bachelor's. And England's get a -- simply -- NC -- Columbia. Police certainly had a lot of practice traveling and talking teen millions of people I'm sure across the country and now -- didn't think it is so much for -- yes.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013 takes on child abuse cause.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18964378","title":"Miss America Reveals Personal Child Abuse Story","url":"/Entertainment/video/miss-america-reveals-personal-child-abuse-story-18964378"}