Mob Wives Star Opens Up

Drita D'Avanzo reveals where she stands with husband Lee.
6:17 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Mob Wives Star Opens Up
Viewers -- VH one's mob wives know to expect some pretty high drama in every episode and this season has been no different. We've seen Renee had to rehab all the girls help their beloved Staten Island neighborhood help rebuild after super storm sandy and now. -- -- -- Who'd been in jail in Pennsylvania shows up at her door. Hole which is out and just like. City and -- like mommy daddy and I by. -- -- Not seeing. Eye ball well you know the movie goodfellas and the guy opened the -- the -- and yet it. My god. Be. Element of surprise -- the bonds -- joins us now to talk about that thank you so much for being here today I think you are you still in shock from. Yes I'm I'm going to be really really honest with the I've never in my life actress -- X prize -- second of -- I've never been spies like that ever I was completely it. I was so shocked that I had no feeling in my mind -- You look like it would end in that and that clip that we played right there I mean obviously it's at a time happy and better than -- yeah. But that it's it looks like even you couldn't even realize what was happening at the moment now and -- -- is do you know what comes out of my mouth. When I'm looking at him I said. -- that's to say what topic but it. When the that we are what is the summit not everything you say what's -- and other Clinton did I just say I don't even know what to say because I would like. Most of be at my house that I -- without -- -- Two other things that Wu as viewers we don't see him is that a conscious decision did you decide to do it that he decided do not. Well that was his decision and also. Believe is in now he's more reserved laid back quiet he's not one for you could be built for our cameras right -- one of the on civilians in these things and -- -- -- I have a hard time starting off on the show -- telling my business and it's not easy he's happy with the way it is so he doesn't want to be part of an on the show he is a guy that was in prison for -- six. This -- like his fame -- it sit so so where's the relationship saying now if we. It's -- everything is great and I just feel like I think that we both missed thought kids and -- just the family being together we wanted that sell bad. So I think that that's why is working right now. We have rename Karen on a little while back and they were talking about the fact that when you you have cameras rolling that is it that you see. -- -- -- a very real moment that even themselves kind of catches them off guard a little bit -- Because it's always interesting to see yourself in the mirror and and I'm wondering now that Lee is back in the picture. You know how does that affect your relationship with your daughter's house have been sort of -- -- a day to day basis. -- -- Lee love is what I'm doing he loves like he he Monday dating you -- you need ambience. You think it. He had a period I didn't read he'd honestly that I'm not -- you think you need to be -- -- -- yourself. But when it comes my daughter -- I mean that being on the show that's a different lightly he came out and all of a sudden I'm famous people's along with photos. We to have when I left that wasn't the case is it weird for you. Now it's not it was in the beginning right I kinda was taken off guard and I wasn't so thrilled about it only because I was like. Listen -- come in the different lifestyle I come from you know you great to me from behind them and I TT. Right right now is his I don't know you and it's a strange I had to get used to the fact that they feel comfortable with me in watching him ascendant in -- -- in the beginning it court -- I think of people I did for a couple of Michael size. Well yeah I mean -- is so any don't know on Merrill grabbing. Brightly and I want to ask you this having you are obviously known as having a very spirited. From demeanor. -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- this thing is that you always root for the underdog in -- always have been for them yes and and where is that spirit where does that drive come from. -- I. I have been like -- since Saddam walking a -- my mother was like you just always stuck up for the on the -- he just didn't want anyone you just never judged anyone. See my mom says that but I do believe it's the household I was brought up and I just was brought weapons such a great house like my parents. With so loving to everyone I never been talked about anyone they never judged anyone. So I grew up that way and I felt like everyone should do that white and unfortunately -- not. So light usage is beat the believes up -- up. Pacific editor and continue to -- US that you see years of changing because of that because of the Avaya a higher exposure -- -- exposed rule that you have now I you know it'd different challenges different fights. I think yes and that yes that's that's a good way of saying I think it's when I watch the -- Everything with me is not my kids being a mom found him on -- to do things the hardest thing as a parent is trying not to do things you don't want you kids dealing. So -- -- man telling Aaliyah and don't argue with that girl don't don't use profanity these things are wrong you don't fight you don't get physical. One day my daughter it's gonna watch mob wives they're not allowed to watch all it's -- when they well so what supposed to to that they they -- how. Are you gonna do that then because you're you're right because there's that there's a disconnect between what you're doing -- -- -- Richard Connelly. Contradicting myself -- you can do this you can't do that and mommy's doing not so well you see the transformation. And season three. So when she says -- mommy you did do that and look come on he changed season three because I want this -- had but I it and and I thought about that I mean. I don't like -- warning to anyone out there just don't through if you essentially the bottom you've got a book coming out give us and give us the little nugget that we might go to find the book that we haven't seen so far. Honestly there's going to be probably a ton of things you haven't seen -- Juicy. It got to sell those books right I love you know what. Injury and it's therapeutic but there's some of my life that nobody knows that things I've been through and I think that's gonna hit home to a lot of people -- -- and look forward to that relatively few continuation of season three -- -- engagement -- -- -- -- thank you so much thank you.

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{"id":18610468,"title":"Mob Wives Star Opens Up","duration":"6:17","description":"Drita D'Avanzo reveals where she stands with husband Lee.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mob-wives-star-opens-18610468","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}