'Modern Family's' Fascinating Couple

Part 1 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
5:53 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for 'Modern Family's' Fascinating Couple
If you've watched the program preceding hours you already know that the most adorable couple on TV is modern family's cam and Mitchell. But you may not know about -- stone street and Jesse Tyler Ferguson has have to actually crazy about each other. Just not when you thank. -- mainstream TV when two week. Audiences are watching to gay men these babies and rooting -- -- oh my god loves us. Sat us planes as members of an extended the modern I'm -- stone student Jesse Tyler Ferguson breaking new ground. Why is our daughter just like Donna Summer she's not done -- -- clearly she's Diana Ross from RCA years the only one who is gay in real life. And it's not -- replace flamboyant. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who plays uptight Mitchell paid to the gates originally -- -- Asian in America. On screen -- -- they are defying expectations about what it means to Begin. Do you might catch up but. -- her -- -- particularly to our studio. If you -- -- She -- him. I do. -- -- -- -- -- You as Karen you know -- are a little sister act collar you know with the top -- -- kind. Wish you -- -- again as a -- apparent how do you keep from being stereotyped. You know I didn't think of this -- is there is a -- as a gay character I just thought of in this as a passionate person. Emotional over the top. And the sexuality is given. And I thought that's the one thing I don't have to worry about is the fact that he's -- because we know that when you got the script originally what do you think. I was very drawn -- that -- -- this has the potential to be something very relevant and also just since you have the opportunity to play a partner and a father. And a brother and a sign and that's just you know not just be. To be gay characters. Jesse grew -- in a conservative community Albuquerque, New Mexico. He joined children's yeah. And dreamed of doing Broadway musicals. Why don't you know -- -- I'm I can't really remember a time and I did and now -- your family always timing on mother your father -- So they've they've spent Christmas with therapists and as a very young to sort of just maybe get word from a professional on the ticket I can't laugh -- therapist's office -- that he might be. Yeah but my father's it's of the longtime -- sort of same -- yeah isn't just recently. He asked me if I had a girlfriend. And I I have to say -- Now I don't it's -- coming out process for for the parents to act on some ways my dad sort of is now coming. Two a place where is comfortable with it and I -- to allow him to to take that journey and I'm I've been very patient with -- has been very patient with me and it's just -- journey -- on. As one of the things I love about Jesse by the way is what -- fair. And thoughtful and open person he is to how other people come to a conclusion I couldn't imagine. Not not. Like in this guy and I and I I hope he feels the same way about me I think he doesn't mean. It's again it's a great relationship in the fact that I know he's going to be my friend now for life is just amazing. Like -- tactic children. Is from the midwest and lived in a phone. I grew up around many animals when time a rooster attacked me and my mom -- expect -- for dinner plate -- -- -- Demonstrate. And his child -- performing as an excavated clown named his boat. I understand that little -- and you -- And he is doing important Chicago's second city -- -- went -- to many small supporting moves on TV. Meanwhile Jesse was appearing and drug -- -- in films and on television. This is should surprise us playing characters celebrated for the difference this especially sweet yeah. Both once felt like -- because they were different. There were times where I would be called names I was you know penned up against a fence with my jacket and left out there you know after the recess -- on the teacher had to come find me and was it because you're -- I mean I had red hair I had glasses I think maybe some kids knew I was -- I -- -- -- a threat to them I just knew that I was kind of always. Time to stand the shadows not not make too much noise. We fully -- You -- -- -- made fun of you know as a kid for being overweight I was always the biggest kid around tallest and widest and the -- I guess but. You know it it definitely helped me become mean -- learned how to. You know take -- away from people before they could say them. Are you trying to make middle America comfortable with gay people. I think we both hope that it will be a cult cultural types not I think it has made people comfortable with list. Let's let's gay couple I always say we do have a mission and our mission is to make you laugh we have people laughing at -- -- -- every week. And some of those people I'm sure the same people that think that. Gay couples shouldn't be allowed to be married or adopt babies yet -- they are laughing at us and relating to us because. Cameron and Mitchell sexuality. To me is not what defines them and the sooner we all can shovel baton down the list of what we think of people the better we all are. -- -- -- -- -- Seeing him losing Mitchell -- home. When told that spreads through.

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{"id":15158789,"title":"'Modern Family's' Fascinating Couple","duration":"5:53","description":"Part 1 of Barbara Walters' \"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/modern-familys-fascinating-couple-15158789","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}